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Nav Trainer app review: the perfect flight instrument simulator for student pilots and instructors



Nav Trainer is a highly rated application designed to test your skills in understanding standard aviation navigational equipment. This is a valuable educational simulation resource for student pilots and flight instructors. It makes your training much easier. Developed by Fleminger Media, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Nav Trainer Pro


Nav Trainer Sharpens Your Flight Navigation Skills

Nav Trainer offers an impressive visual interpretation of actual navigational instruments. It is an ideal flight training tool for both students and instructors.

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In the past, student pilots rent expensive flight simulators to study different flight controls, navigation equipment, and flight instruments. With Nav Trainer, all they need to do is to install the app so they can practice their navigational skills.

Nav Trainer offers a realistic experience for student pilots. The app allows you to fly a virtual plane with the help of standard flight instruments. These instruments are displayed on screen. The app helps you to understand the instrument panel of the aircraft so you can have a safe flight.

When you start the app, the critical flight instruments are displayed at the right side of the screen. The bigger part of the screen is used to display the virtual plane with flight path, directions, wind speed, and coordinates.

You can load up the instruments through double tap action. Planes can be dragged across the screen to guide them to the right flight path.

Nav Trainer can also be used by flight instructors for one-on-one flight simulation. They can show the virtual flight controls to familiarize the students with aircraft navigation. Instructors can also plug their devices to an external projector to show the flight simulator to a larger group of students. 

Best Features

Nav Trainer offers excellent visualization of flight instruments. It has dual navigation display options with actual flight simulation, altitude measurement, ground distance, wind speed, and many more.

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This app offers a test mode feature where you can manipulate a virtual plane on screen. The goal of the test is to find the right flight path based on the readings of your flight instruments. The test will sharpen your skills in understanding your navigation tools.

Nav Trainer offers responsive controls for ease of use. Instruments can be loaded through a simple double-tap action. It supports finger flick gestures to display the heading navigation.

The fly-mode feature of Nav Trainer is perfect for more advanced students. In this mode, phantom planes are generated on screen and your goal is to track the right heading directions of your plane. 

Nav Trainer Pro


Pros and Cons


  • Offers realistic flight instrument display
  • Fight mode and test mode
  • Allows drag and drop, long press, and double tap action
  • Offers velocity control with wind speed meter
  • Altimeter to simulate slant range and ground distance


  • No negative review for this app

Final Thoughts

Nav Trainer is one of the best flight training simulation apps in the App Store. Just remember that this app will not teach you how to fly a plane. The app is principally designed to help you understand different flight instruments and equipment. It is an ideal training app for student pilots. 

Nav Trainer Pro

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