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Stick Nodes app review: animate your own stick figure 2021



Who says stick figures are boring and dull?

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With this stickman app they are anything but. The Stick Nodes app is a really fun offering that can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and allows users to animate stick figures and really bring them to life.

With this good stickman app for iPhone, ou'll be creating your own animated .gif and make use of the many creative tools and features.

If you want to enjoy this app for stick figures to its fullest potential then you’ll want to use a mobile device with a large screen such as with tablets. Keep reading our Stick Nodes app review for more details.

Stick Nodes - Animator


Not Your Average Stick Figures

When you think of stick figures there's no way that entertaining animated ones pop into mind because that's certainly far from the ordinary.

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The Stick Nodes app does just that by giving users the ability to make animated .gifs with stick figures. Users are given all kinds of segment shapes which means you can get real creative and unique with your figures.

It also means that no two figures will be alike so you’ve got full customization options. Your stick figures don't have to look dull and boring as you can also add color to them either per segment or on a scale basis.

Not Your Average Stick Figures image

Making Your Way Through the App

Sticks Nodes has been sure to provide users with a very smooth and fun user experience, one that won't leave you feeling confused or at a loss.

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You've got the ability to make use of automatic frame-tweening should you want it, you can zoom in order to view all those small details, and there is a redo/undo tool that lets you go back up to 20 actions.

Once you create your figure you can save them and share them, plus you can import. There is even backward and forward onion-skinning for that added touch of control in the animation process.

What really stands out in this app is the perfect balance it has managed to achieve between giving users all kinds of professional and creative tools yet remaining quick, simple, and fun.

Additionally, the developers constantly address bugs and make small tweaks behind the scenes in order to improve the overall experience of this app. 

Making Your Way Through the App image

Stick Nodes - Animator


Pros and Cons


  • The app gives users the ability to create their own animated stick figures
  • Create the stick figures by making use of the segments
  • Add color to the stick figures
  • Import, save, and share your creations
  • There is a redo and undo tool


  • There is nothing negative to say

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The Stick Nodes app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant to be a fluid and fun experience for users and it certainly follows through in these regards.

Stick Nodes - Animator

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