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Trivia Crack app review: time to test your trivia knowledge



Trivia games are the type that people get really competitive and passionate about as we all like to think we're an expert in at least one topic. The Trivia Crack app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives players a chance to show off their trivia knowledge over the span of six categories. In this game you'll be up against your friends fighting to see who reigns supreme when it comes to general knowledge. It’s not just about answering the questions correctly however there is also strategy involved in this one.

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Prove Who Has the Smarts

Instead of arguing with your friends over who has the most smarts, the Trivia Crack app gives you a chance to settle the argument once and for all. There are six different categories of trivia which are art, science, geography, entertainment, history, and sports. The way the game works is that each category has a character and you need to collect all six characters first in order to win the game. You'll be playing against an opponent/friend and what's fun is that you can actually chat with them live and add another level of fun to the game.

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The game features a number of in-app purchases of different coin packs and endless lives. These purchases range in price from $0.99 to $24.99. The app currently has 4.5 out of five stars from users who have called it great, addictive, and fun. With that said it does seem to have some minor issues here and there which players would like to see worked out. Its last update was just a couple of weeks ago when a few new languages were added.

Test yourself in six different categories
Test yourself in six different categories

The Gaming Experience

The Trivia Crack app doesn't just offer a chance to answer trivia questions; there is also a strategy element to the gameplay. As you play you will actually earn coins and these coins can be used to steal opponents characters, get extra spins, and more. Obviously the more coins you can collect the better for your gameplay. Not to worry that about going through the questions anytime soon as there are more than 100,000 in the game.

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Additional features include being able to rate, suggest, and translate questions, you can share your achievements, and challenge a friend to a game of trivia. While rather simple, looking the game board is clear and concise so you can focus on the questions at hand.

Challenge your friends and prove who the smartest player is
Challenge your friends and prove who the smartest player is

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Pros and Cons


  • The game features more than 100,000 trivia questions
  • There are six different categories to compete in
  • Challenge a friend
  • Earn coins so you can redeem them for power-ups
  • Share achievements
  • The user interface is simple and clean


  • The in-app purchases can get expensive
  • There are minor issues with the game here and there

Share achievements
Share achievements

Final Words

The Trivia Crack app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone may just become your favorite trivia game thanks to the sheer volume of questions available and the clean and inviting user interface.

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