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YouTube Kids app review: instant entertainment for the kids 2021



Before heading out on that long road trip, when faced with a rainy day indoors, or during those long school breaks where kids seem to get bored really easily you can turn to this next YouTube app as a source of entertainment.

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The YouTube Kids app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and is able to connect kids with all kinds of entertainment that encourages learning. This iPhone YouTube app is a great way to keep kids entertained with something that isn’t just mindless fun.

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YouTube Kids


Banish Boredom for Good

The YouTube Kids app gives parents the ability to banish boredom for good thanks to the selection of playlists, channels, and videos that are all ideal for their age group. These videos help children to learn, encourage them to discover new things, and can keep them happy and entertained for hours.

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The content is all kid-friendly and is collected from around the world and is provided by such people as teachers and filmmakers who specialize in children's programming. Some of the videos kids will be able to tune into are Super Simple Songs, Sesame Street, Dreamworks, Thomas & Friends, and plenty more.

Banish Boredom for Good image

Exploring the Content

Because this app has been built with kids in mind parents can rest assured that they will be able to move through the YouTube Kids app with ease and not get into anything that isn't age-appropriate.

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The menus are very easy to use and understand, the buttons are large and clear, everything shows in full screen, and scrolling is quick and simple for them.

Right on the home screen is where kids will find a variety of playlists and channels, again offering all kid appropriate content. They can tap on anything that interests them and mom and dad won't have to worry.

There are a few settings for parents to use such as a timer feature so kids will stop watching after a certain amount of time passes. Parents can also control the search capabilities.

Now it should be noted that it’s within these added control features/settings where some of the performance issues occur with some of the users.

Exploring the Content image

YouTube Kids


Pros and Cons


  • The content is all child-friendly
  • The menus are easy to read and navigate and all the buttons are big and large to push
  • Kids can discover all kinds of fun channels and playlists
  • There are parental settings which can be adjusted


  • There seems to be some minor performance issues mainly with the parental settings

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The YouTube Kids app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone can be given to kids with complete freedom to explore as parents won’t have to worry about content that is inappropriate or menus that are far too confusing to use.

YouTube Kids

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