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Moms on Call app review: a mom-friendly schedule



As a mom you know exactly how busy your day can be especially if you're a mom to a new baby. The Moms on Call app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and has been created specifically for moms to use so they can schedule their days and nights and not miss out on anything. One of the common problems new moms have is that they are exhausted so trying to remember when your baby last ate, when they last had a dirty diaper, how long their last nap was, can get confusing at times. The app is meant to address these exact issues.

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Moms on Call


Don't Find Yourself Confused

The Moms on Call app is designed to help you stay scheduled and in control of your daily life. The app is meant to be used from birth all the way to age four and it even allows for multiple children of the same age (multiple births), or different ages who are all living in the same household. Just pick the schedule that best fits your own needs at that particular age. When your child should advance to the next schedule you will get a reminder.

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The app was last updated more than two years ago when there were some minor enhancements and some updates made to the schedule. This app doesn't have a very high customer rating, in fact it has just three out of five stars from users. Customers have been drawn to it thanks to the concept but it seems the follow through is quite poor and doesn’t justify the price.

Choose a schedule that best meets your needs
Choose a schedule that best meets your needs

How to Use the App

The Moms on Call app was actually developed by two moms who also happen to be pediatric nurses who saw the need for a tool that can help parents with scheduling. Some of the tools include being able to set alarms for items on the routine, set an alarm for feedings, and there is a handy "crazy day" button which will help adjust the schedule on those days that are just completely out of control.

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Now this app is meant to not just help you remember scheduled items but help you get on a schedule in the first place by providing users with information and tips about all kinds of issues that pop up at the various stages and ages. All information can be emailed and/or printed and it supports babies who are breastfed or formula-fed.

Recieve alarm notifications and reminders
Recieve alarm notifications and reminders

Moms on Call


Pros and Cons


  • The app helps parents figure out a schedule and then help them put it in place
  • Receive reminders and notifications
  • The app can support multiple children in a family and they can be different ages
  • The app can be used from birth through to age four
  • There is a variety of tips and information to apply to your everyday life


  • The app fails to impress and doesn’t feel worth the price of the download

Final Words

The Moms on Call app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a great idea and concept that unfortunately fails to follow-through and leaves customers unimpressed.

Moms on Call

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