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TWC WiFi Finder app review: get access to nationwide TWC WiFi Network



Millions of people use the Internet to do business and access information from various databases and websites. TWC Wifi is an iOS application developed by Time Warner Cable to help users get access to information on the various Nationwide TWC WiFi network. Currently, the default language is English and the entire app is only 40.6MB in size.

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TWC WiFi Finder


Get Information on Various TWC WiFi Hotspots

TWC Wifi is an amazing iOS application that you can count on to give details on various TWC hotspots around your location. One of the key attributes of using the app is that it is 100% free for all subscribers of TWC standard Internet and Business Class Internet clients. There's no need to worry if you are not yet a customer with this company as you can use the free trial and access pass options to test it before you can pay for the premium packages.

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Unlike other applications that have small databases, this one has over 300,000 different hotspots. This means that you can switch from one hotspot to another as travel. Most people tend to forget their log-in details. The developers understand this fact too well and have incorporated a new feature that allow one to save their unique TWC ID and password for future use. One of the benefits of using this feature is that you will save time and get access to secure network in seconds.

The hotspots are available in list or map format. You just need to click on one that best suits your needs and preferences. You do not have to cram the names of all hotspots that you often use. The app has a built-in search feature that will help you search for them even when you are offline. 

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Best Features of TWC Wifi

One of the benefits of using TWC Wifi is that you will receive periodic notifications when you are near TWC WiFi hotspots if your device’s GPS is running. However, you should not excessively use GPS as it can affect the lifespan and efficiency of your battery negatively.

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When you are tired of using the normal hotspots, you can request for a comprehensive list of all new hotspots that you can connect to in seconds using the app. Another major attribute is that you will be able to view the amount of data that you have used after a certain period, register devices, and calculate savings by just clicking on MyWiFi menu. The interface is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. This way you will not need any assistance or prior experience to derive the maximum benefits from this app.

It is also possible to interact with other users and customer support team through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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TWC WiFi Finder


Pros and Cons


  • High-definition maps to ensure you never get lost
  • Over 300,000 different hotspots that you can use
  • Ability to use GPS to know your location and generate list of hotspots available


  • It can affect the efficiency of your battery if you use it for long periods continuously

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

TWC Wifi is an amazing app that you can count on to get access on all TWC hotspots around your area.

TWC WiFi Finder

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