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XFINITY WiFi app review: get information on all hotspots in your vicinity 2021



Internet is the most reliable source of information in the world today. XFINITYWiFi app is a smart application developed by Comcast Cable Communications to help iPhone and iPad users’ identity hotspots in various areas. 

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You will not need to change any settings to start using the app as it is optimized to work perfectly in either of these two devices.

Many iOS users have said in their Xfinity WiFi review that this is one of the better WiFi applications for iPhone. After checking out our Xfinity WiFi app review below, let us know what you think of this app.

Xfinity WiFi Hotspots


Get Information on all XFINITIY WiFi Hotspots in your Area

XFINITY WiFi is a reliable application that you can use to locate hundreds if not thousands of XFINITY wireless hotspots. It was taken through a number of rigorous tests before being introduced into the market to ensure that it delivers on its promises.

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One of the key highlights of using this app is the map view that provides clear directions to the various hotspots. You just need to follow the details provided to access it.

The developers have also gone a step further to incorporate a special feature that generates an accurate lists of all hotspots in your area. You just need to click on any of them to access its address and location.

By activating the “Near Me” feature, the app will only give you details of hotspots that are close to your current location. You can use it when traveling to a foreign country or city to save time that you would have spent driving and searching.

Each map comes with driving directions that you can use to reach your destination faster using your car. Unlike other apps that require users to be connected to a reliable internet connection, this one has the capacity to locate hotspots using offline data. This will save you money that you would have spent purchasing a data plan.

Get Information on all XFINITIY WiFi Hotspots in your Area image

XFINITY WiFi Best Features

For future reference, XFINITY WiFi allows you to create and save a list of all your favorite or preferred hotspots. It will also automatically generate SMB names if they are available in seconds. In addition, each location is described and categorized to ensure that you make the right decision always.

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The interface has an augmented reality view that is optimized for various screen resolutions. This means that you will get accurate and high definition maps on your device at all times.

If you decide to use the online only search mode, the app will not require offline data. To get the best results, you should consider installing multiple offline datasets.

Another major feature is the dynamic search function that allows you to customize the results by filtering hotspots. For instance, you can search for hotspots by type, keyword, or even category.

The app has undergone regular updates to improve the overall perfomance and stability, fix any bugs and to implement the latest security features. 

XFINITY WiFi Best Features image

Xfinity WiFi Hotspots


Pros and Cons


  • Dynamic search feature to help you filter hotspots
  • Not heavily reliant on Internet connection
  • Ability to create a list of all your favorite hotspots


  • The maps might be inaccurate if you are offline

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

XFINITY WiFi is a smart iTunes application that you can use to locate all XFINITY hotspots around your location. Very convenient and very useful.

Xfinity WiFi Hotspots

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