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File Manager Folder Plus app review: a multi-touch file manager to improve your productivity 2021



Managing hundreds of files and folders in your mobile device can be a real pain. Even the simple task of renaming dozens of files or transferring entire folders to cloud storage could bog you down.

That is why you need File Manager Folder Plus, a file management app with multitasking capabilities to make you more productive.

File Manager Folder Plus is a fild folder app that offers a plethora of features that include multi-touch file and folder management, file reader, file editor, and seamless file transfer to different devices and web services.

Designed by The Very Games, this file managment app for iPhone is also compatible with the iPad and iPod Touch. Keep reading our File Manager Folder app review for more details.

File Manager - Folder Plus


How File Manager Folder Plus Works

Most apps in this category offer bare bones file and folder organization with some capabilities for file transfer. Folder Plus takes file management to a new level. 

It allows you to read and view your documents with added capabilities for editing texts, audio recording, and playing videos. Most importantly, this app gives you a multi-touch experience for more convenient file management.

File Manager Folder Plus can be used in a variety of ways: organize files and folders in your device, transfer files to other devices and cloud servers, view and edit files, record audio, print files, translate documents, and many more. This is a powerful application that can perform a lot of tasks.

To manage files, the app offers simple organization tools so you can keep all your documents, images, videos, and audio recording in one place. The app arranges your files according to name and file type. You can transfer multiple files to new folders simultaneously using tap and swipe actions.

This app supports multiple file transfers via USB, FTP, and Wifi. You can select as many files and folders you want and swipe them to the target destination. In a few minutes, all your files will be transferred to another device or to any supported cloud storage.

The app can also be used as a reader and an editor. It can open and view different document formats including audio recordings and videos. It offers built-in text editor, a media player, and image viewer with drawing tools. 

How File Manager Folder Plus Works image

Best Features of File Manager Folder Plus

This app supports almost all types of files including PDF, Office, iWork, images, HTML, archives, plain text, and popular audio and video formats. It can open, view, and edit these files easily.

Folder Plus supports multi-tasking features that include file and folder creation, renaming, and in-app file transfer. It can be integrated with different cloud services such as One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud.

The app offers built-in archive tool to compress large file formats. You can also print any document directly from the app via AirPrint. 

Best Features of File Manager Folder Plus image

File Manager - Folder Plus


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Allows multi-touch operation
  • Multi-tasking features
  • Supports different file types
  • Comprehensive functions for efficient file management
  • Offers different file transfer options


  • Media player lacks advanced control options

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

File Manager Folder Plus is a comprehensive tool packed with useful features. It supports different file types and file management operations to make things easier for you. 

File Manager - Folder Plus

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