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Gas 'n' Go app review: learn where the best prices are



Because gas prices fluctuate throughout the day it can become a bit of a guessing game as to where to find the best prices. The Gas 'n' Go app for your iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone provides users with a very simple and fast way to find the best prices nearby. The gas price app offers a few handy tools and features so that it can do all the searching and hunting down of prices and you can just focus on driving and saving yourself money when it comes to filling your tank.

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Gas 'n' Go


Don’t Overpay

While you never want to overpay for gas, sometimes it can be hard to know if you’re in fact getting the best deal out there. The Gas ‘n’ Go app can help you by updating gas prices as they change so that you are armed with the most current information. The gas app follows all the gas price trends and you can check out the information in the map view. This view will display where the gas stations and pumps are. View unleaded, diesel, and natural gas prices all in one location.

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The app was last updated two years ago when there was a new price indexer added and some bug fixes. Despite this update the app still has just two out of five stars from users. It seems as though this one is very heavy on ads and not so heavy on content. The information isn’t always user-friendly or easy to access too, which defeats the purpose of the app.

Don’t Overpay image

Examining the Offering

The Gas 'n' Go app is a fabulous concept that most people would find very helpful in theory. The problem is that this app really fails to deliver and offer a tool that is both useful and user-friendly. Some of the features of the app include being able to view a list of average gas prices that can be broken down by country, state, city, or area code. You can also see the average price range during a specified amount of time. If you're interested in the futures of gas prices you can check out the charts and news. Users are also encouraged to report gas prices they find.

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With all that said the user interface often comes across as a giant ad or commercial. It would be great to see a more scaled down and streamlined offering.

Examining the Offering image

Gas 'n' Go


Pros and Cons


  • The app allows you to view prices by country, state, city, or area code
  • You can report the prices you see
  • View charts and news about the future of gas prices
  • The map view plots the gas stations and pumps around you


  • The user interface comes off as a giant ad or commercial
  • The features and tools aren’t always user-friendly

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Gas ‘n’ Go app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a great concept but really lacks in the follow-through. Instead users are left with a disappointing offering that doesn’t tick off all the boxes.

Gas 'n' Go

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