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Chunky Comic Reader app review: organize and read your comics easily-2020



Chunky Comic Reader is an iPadi and iPhone comic book app that will help your comics look great on your iDevice. Reading becomes a pleasure, takes the friction out, and makes your reading experiences more enjoyable.

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The chunky comic book reader is always looking for ways to improve the comic reading experience. Hence the slogan that the app which is made by nerds and for comic book lovers. This webcomics app is worthy of a download if you are a diehard comic enthusiast.   

Chunky Comic Reader


Easy to Use

Chunky Comic Reader is an easy to use comic book reader app. It is clean and uses smart upscaling so that even your low resolution comics look great. If your comic book has yellowed pages and faded ink, then now worries! Let the auto contrast help you out. It’ll even fix the tint of the ink.

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As far as organization goes, the library will organize itself alphabetically so you can find your comics after you’ve dropped them into the library. Drop and go makes this so easy! I will mention here that this is the free version. If you upgrade to pro, then you can download from your PC, Mac or NAS as well to add to your comic collection.

Comic book reader can browse and download directly from iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Transporter, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Box, Pogoplug, Mediafire and Copy, and you can copy files in and out with iTunes on your computer or download them via the comic book app built-in web browser.

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Chunky Comic Reader supports lots of formats. It’s ready to go for CBZ, CBR, and PDF.  It also understands ComicRack and ComicBookLover tags. There are parental controls to keep your kids from reading your adult comics but allowing them to read the kid friendly ones, and all you need to do is set your passcode.

I also like that there is single or two page view. I prefer to view one page at a time because it’s bigger, but if I’m reading on my iPad, then two page is great too because you can see the full layout, which for comics especially is a great reading experience. The last formatting thing I want to mention is that for the right to left books, you can set this reading mode too!

If you love to share your books, then you can share through Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit. Snap a screenshot if you want to keep a record of your favorite parts too.

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Chunky Comic Reader


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Multiple layout options
  • Multiple format support for CBZ, CBR, and PDF
  • Left to right or right to left reading


  • None found

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Final Thoughts

Chunky Comic Reader is an iPhone and iPad app that helps you to read your comic book on your device more easily. It has many features including multiple layouts, left to right or right to left reading options, and single or double page reader.

If you prefer to read your book a page at a time on portrait, then use this option. If, however, you prefer to look at it like you would an open book, then turn on two page view and read in landscape rotation. I really enjoyed testing out this book for my son’s graphic novels and other comic books.

He liked how easy it was to find the book he wanted, and how clear the view was. Overall, it's a well-designed and well-thought-out app.

Chunky Comic Reader

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