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Battleheart Legacy app review: explore dangerous realms and battle evil forces from your iOS device



Battleheart Legacy is one of the best role-playing adventure games in the App Store. This mobile RPG app uses the best-in-class elements of typical high-impact desktop games of the same genre. The app offers impressive graphics, exciting battles, an intuitive combat system, and lots of customization options for your warrior. Developed by Mika Mobile, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Battleheart Legacy


Battleheart Legacy Offers a Rich Gaming Experience

Role-playing games (RPG) for mobile devices are rare. In the App Store, it is difficult to find a game that approximates the quality of desktop RPGs. But with Battleheart Legacy, you will get a high-impact action-adventure game with impressive graphics and engaging battle scenes. It offers single-player gaming action with plenty of customization options.

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The storyline of Battleheart Legacy is straightforward. Set 500 years in the past, the game features a wandering warrior who accepts quests from quest givers. He must explore dangerous realms and battle evil creatures to accomplish his quests.

When you start the app, you will be given the option to create your own custom character. To learn important moves and other game details, you should begin the game with a tutorial sequence. There is no need to worry though because Battleheart Legacy offers simple game controls and an intuitive combat system.

The game allows you to choose your own adventure. You can pick a quest to start an adventure or choose to discover realms that matches your skill level. You can also teach your character new abilities to improve your skills and add more weapons and armor to your arsenal.

You can unlock more features, skills, and weapons, by successfully finishing your quests. Each quest ends in a great boss battle. You have to emerge victorious in a boss battle to win the level. 

Best Features of Battleheart Legacy

Battleheart Legacy’s main strength is the real time combat system which is similar to the interface of popular desktop RPGs. The combat system gives you access to power-ups, special moves, weapons, and other tricks that you may need to defeat enemies.

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The game offers simple control mechanics. You can move your warrior or attack enemies by simply tapping the screen. You can tap-hold to unleash special moves and use battle tricks. The simple interface of the game requires almost zero learning curve.

The app offers more than 150 different battle skills with 12 character classes. You can train your warrior to learn all battle skills and become adept in one or more character classes. It also offers more than 200 different types of weapons, battle equipment, armor, potions, and other things that are essential to win battles.

Battleheart Legacy


Pros and Cons


  • Offers impressive graphics and responsive gameplay
  • With intuitive combat system
  • Offers 12 class levels and more than 150 skills
  • More than 200 weapons and items
  • Engaging soundtrack and sound effects
  • Simple narrative


  • Lacks multi-player option and collaborative adventures

Final Thoughts

Battleheart Legacy is the perfect app for serious players of role-playing games. This app offers plenty of customization options and exciting battle modes. It offers non-stop action especially when you are battling evil forces and dangerous bosses.

Battleheart Legacy

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