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Buddyman Ninja Kick 2 app review: discover the Ninja tactics in you



Sometimes we need to have an outlet for our stress, and sometimes we just want to destroy stuff. If you ever have had that feeling, then presumably you need Buddyman: Ninja Kick 2. This game shapes you in becoming a skilled shadow warrior, through passing down skills of how to handle ancient blades, and studying kicking styles that are essentially the ultimate tool to a stress fighter. This iOS app was developed by Crazylion Studios Limited to help you kick out stress after a frustrating event. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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Buddyman: Ninja Kick 2


How to Play Buddyman: Ninja Kick 2

Forget everything you’ve ever done before. It’s an opportune time that you should not allow to slip out of your hands and slide away! Take on a new exciting challenge that will not only make you feel relaxed but also relieve stress levels in your life. InBuddyman: Ninja Kick 2, your imagination has no limits!

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This game is a wildly popular ragdoll. It's simple to play since it has a ragdoll on the screen, and you can do pretty much anything you want with him to cause harm. With this app, not only do you get to shoot but also set fire to him; you can also explode, slice, and kick your ragdoll. You can also use randomly insane characters to give him a hard time.

In Buddyman: Ninja Kick 2, you get the chance to try out all your talents in the freaking crazy missions! This is to assure that you will never be able to try out all of them, unless you are freaking incredible. However, the game also takes you to explore the bright colorful features of inner world of Ketchup, Zombie, and Hippy.  

How to Play Buddyman: Ninja Kick 2 image

Best Features of Buddyman: Ninja Kick 2

The game comes a variety of unique features that can simply be termed as superb. Buddyman comes with a brand-new set of amazing missions that ventures you into an exciting experience of the inner world which will only leave you awe-struck! To create the perfect gaming atmosphere that you have been craving, this app has colorful graphics that makes the experience exceptionally worldwide! The different super cool elements and categories offers you a number of choices to suit your personal preferences. The game has a brand-new shop assistant feature that provides help whenever in doubt or help during playing. You'll also get free updates of trending news on your device.

Best Features of Buddyman: Ninja Kick 2 image

Buddyman: Ninja Kick 2


Pros and Cons


  • Perfect method of stress relief
  • Realistic physics
  • Engaging missions
  • Amazing graphics
  • Hilarious sounds


  • The developer should come up with better ways of managing ads since they pop out every other time you open a menu

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Final Thoughts

If you are the kind of guy who just can’t get enough of quality entertainment, grab this game and flee as fast as possible. Make sure you are never without a way to lower your stress and take your anger out on someone other than your boss!

Buddyman: Ninja Kick 2

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