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Buddyman: Kick 2 app review: the best Ninja-based iTunes app



Once again Buddyman is back with a bang! Buddyman: Kick 2 is an action-packed stress reliever. You may beg to ask just how this game relieves your stress. Well it is right here and waiting for you to experiment on him with an array of weapons, rifles, and animals. This time round, Buddyman is training to become the world’s greatest super hero of all time so he has to be able to stand up to anything, that includes you! This game will assist you train him the right way. Buddyman was developed by Crazylion Studios Limited to fade away the gloom after a stressful day. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. However as you flex your muscle, ensure to make his training tough by finally placing the hero between the hammer and then deliver the FINAL KICK!!

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Buddyman: Kick 2 (by Kick the Buddy)


How to play Buddyman: Kick 2(by kick the Buddy)

While playing in order to earn coins all you really need to do is TAP and HOLD. Your skills on aiming should be used every now and then so that the bullets connect. However, when using a melee weapon you have to go completely nuts! Tap and drag the weapon all over the screen. The bat and spiked balls require you to swing ir around like crazy. Swipe your fingers all over the place and make sure Buddyman is within reach of the weapon so that you can demolish him!

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When upgrading your rifle, you need to have a star point, which are gained upon reaching a level ups. Upgrading a weapon makes it stronger and most importantly increases the amount of coins that a weapon generates when it hits Buddyman. This is chiefly helpful in completing a mission that requires you to obtain a certain amount of coins! However, you will enter the ultimate Super Kick mode where you will deliver the ultimate strike to Buddyman, earning you a lot of cons and experience!

How to play Buddyman: Kick 2(by kick the Buddy) image

Best features ofBuddyman: Kick 2(by kick the Buddy)

Buddyman offers you an astonishingly realistic graphics that can only make you awe-struck! With delight. The ultra-cool missions will take you to whole new kind of entertainment level that will only redefine the understanding of the word challenge! With its array of tons of incredible items on its bucket list, the game is made exceptionally magnificent. With the Epic FINAL KICK! You are assisted to get an extra dive to distress after a hard day. The boom behind the sound track makes the game appear super classy.

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Best features ofBuddyman: Kick 2(by kick the Buddy) image

Buddyman: Kick 2 (by Kick the Buddy)


Pros and Cons


  • Perfect method of stress relief
  • Realistic physics
  • Engaging tasks
  • Astonishing graphics
  • Entertaining sound track


  • Mild profanity

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The game is presumably the best ever created! I think whoever reads this should try it and give it  five stars. Bravo!

Buddyman: Kick 2 (by Kick the Buddy)

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