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Cooking Fever app review: fast food at a feverish pace!



This free, addictive time-management game endeavors to assist you to cook mouthwatering delicious meals and desserts from all over the globe. It has an array of eight different unique locations that range from Desserts and Fast Food to Oyster Bar and Oriental Restaurants, this iOS application was developed by Nordcurrent to assist you perfect your skills in a variety of settings, and cooking techniques, and use more than a hundred ingredients to cook several hundred tasty dishes. Try out all the possible different kitchen appliances, from coffee makers and rice cookers to pizza ovens and popcorn makers. This application is compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad touch devices.

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Cooking Fever


How to Play Cooking Fever

In Cooking Fever the game begins with testing your basic skills on the burger counter, where you are assigned only a single pan, a burner to cook on, and a rather slow soda fountain from which to serve drinks. The trick here is usually based on your ability to fill orders as fast as you can. Speed is considered prime because the faster you serve each customer, the more customers you can serve in the allotted time! Of course, the faster you serve, the better your tips will be and the more profitable your restaurant shall become.

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As you hit your sought-after goals in terms of increasing the volume and service, you are able to unlock more pans and burners, and you can take your profits and pile them back into the restaurant for development, expanding your soda fountain, pans and burners, tabletop, and so on. Simple enough, right? Of course it is simple, that is what all of the games in this genre offer! But Cooking Fever exceptionally diverges from that path in several ways starting with the striking appearance and branding, convenience and entertainment in a sort of big-picture view that adds levels of complexity and challenge to the restaurant scene!

Best Features

The game has more than 400 dishes to cook using over 150 different ingredients. This ensures that you have a wider platform of cooking styles and ingredients to unleash your creativity. Cooking fever also comes with an array of eight postmodern state of-the-art locations that serve the different cooking needs such as Bakery, Fast-food, Chinese, Pizza, Seafood, Indian, Breakfast café, and lastly, Sushi. 

The best iPhone and iPad apps for learning how to cook

The game is free to download and free-to-play, its revenue stream being primarily supported through a combination of discrete advertising and IAP, though the latter is fairly aggressive for this sort of app/game.

Cooking Fever


Pros and Cons


  • Comes with tons of cooking scenarios
  • Excellent user-friendly graphics
  • Controls that are easy to use
  • Keep you entertained for hours


  • The developer should come up with a more cost effective means in distribution of gems used for upgrades to boost gamer’s morale

Final Thoughts

This app is highly addictive and engrossing as the word "fever" itself. Have tons of fun cooking and don’t forget to share your delicious meals with your friends on Facebook.

Cooking Fever

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