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The Recipe Box To Go app review: carry your recipes with you



Do you find yourself standing in the grocery store quickly trying to think up a dinner plan and ensuring that you remember to pick up all the items? There's no reason to put yourself through the stress when you could carry your recipes with you with The Recipe Box To Go app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. Now you can be inspired no matter where you are because you’ll be able to flip through all your favorite meals and dishes whenever you like.

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The Recipe Box To Go — Your Pocket, Your Recipes


Never Draw a Blank

Are you trying to share a recipe favorite with a friend? Are you at the grocery store gathering ingredients for that signature dish you make? Maybe you're sitting at work wondering what to make for dinner tonight. The Recipe Box To Go app gives you instant access to your recipes so you never draw a blank. The app makes it possible for you to create, view, and of course manage all your recipes in one central location. You're even able to import recipes from a variety of supported websites so you don't have to just rely on your own collection. Recipes also allow for notes so you can remember adjustments or comments for the next time you prepare the dish.

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The app hasn't been updated in almost two years now and currently has a customer rating of four out of five stars. Customers have called the app useful, easy to use, and a wonderful organizational tool. In its last update there were changes made to the user interface, new features were added, and general improvements were made. It could, however, probably do with some refreshing again at this point.

Keep all your recipes on-hand
Keep all your recipes on-hand

Tools and Features to Help

The Recipe Box To Go app makes it possible to import, print, and export all your cherished recipes. The app supports both metric and imperial units, you can copy and paste recipes, and sync it with additional devices that have Recipe Link. Recipes can be rated, sorted, cross referenced by using a variety of categories, put together a shopping list, and back up your recipes so they stay safe through iTunes file sharing.

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While you're going through the recipe you can actually highlight steps, you can switch between recipes if you're cooking multiple dishes as once, and you can even dim ingredients as you gather them on your counter. The user interface can feel a bit busy it would be nice to see this cleaned up a bit.

Share recipes with others
Share recipes with others

The Recipe Box To Go — Your Pocket, Your Recipes


Pros and Cons


  • Add all your favorite recipes to the app so you have them available to you at all times
  • Add notes to the recipes
  • The app supports metric and imperial units
  • Import, export, and print recipes
  • Highlight recipes steps
  • Create a shopping list of ingredients
  • You can have multiple recipes open at one time


  • The app could do with a bit of refreshing

Final Words

The Recipe Box To Go app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone can make meal time much smoother thanks to a variety of user-friendly tools and features.

The Recipe Box To Go — Your Pocket, Your Recipes

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