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My Talking Pet app review: bring photos of your pet to life!



My talking pet brings the photos of your pet to life! By speaking to your pet then have it realistically speak back to you with animated facial expression in a pitch shifted voice is stunning. This app is designed to make your pet’s mouth move and get it talking back to you. You don’t have to be a genius to get your furry friend talking. All you need is to take a photo of your pet and then adjust the mouth and eyes and you will be able to bring that photo to life. This app was developed by WOBA Media to assist you communicate with your pet using modulated a voice. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. If you are an animal lover, this app is definitely going to sweep you off your feet!

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My Talking Pet


How to use My Talking Pet

It is simple to use My Talking Pet once you have the app installed. You will need a good picture of your pet which will be used to line things up on the image. After a little wait, your friend is all animated and finally you will be able to make him talk.

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When you ask your pet to talk back at you, you will see his eyes and of course the mouth you created move in line with the speech. However, this feature is hard to show on a screen shot, but nonetheless it is a fun effect.

Best features in My Talking Pet

For animal lovers, it goes without saying that there are a number of personalities our pets have that cannot be communicated verbally but can be expressed through their personality. If only pets could talk, there would have been a wonderful robust relationship between them and humans. However, this app has come up with features that are not far from that dream's reality!

There are stunning animations that are pretty impressive for a quick and easy smartphone device. There are also extras on offer like scary filter which are essentially cool artistic touches that gives the app lots of replay potential. After all, we all do love pets and sharing images or funny stories of our pet talking with your friends and family.

My Talking Pet


Pros and Cons


  • Photos of your own pets are used to a great effect
  • Pitch slider is simple, yet offers a range of different voices to achieve
  • You can share images to social media, allowing you to connect with friends and family
  • Cool effects adds a little something extra to the whole experience i.e. a new dynamic look to your images


  • As it stands, things are already impressive

Final Thoughts

This is a fun app that will put a smile on your face. My Talking Pet is definitely worth taking a look at.

My Talking Pet

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