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PlayTube app review: non-stop quality!



Do you have a craving for nice non-stop quality music and videos? Do you want to manage your own playlist? Then look no further than the cool PlayTube app. PlayTube is a YouTube browsing tool that goes beyond what others offer as it incorporates built-in music search tools. The app comes with an amazing toggle search button that can switch between video and music search on YouTube. This iOS app was developed by 24/7 apps LTD to help you relax after a long day at school or work. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPad touch devices.

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How to Use PlayTube

When you load PlayTube for the first time, you can start searching right away. The main screen shows you top videos like Charlie Bit My Finger. From there you can customize it by logging in, creating your own playlist, or search through the top lists provided by YouTube of the songs currently on the site. You can also tap the search box at any time to switch between music and video search and the entire interface will switch to comply.

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You can also use this app to save any of the songs you find to playlists and of course be able to interact with them as long as you have logged in. This app is ad-supported, but the ads are out of the way and never interrupt video playback, which was streaming fast and smooth.

Best Features of PlayTube

There are plenty of features offered by PlayTube just for you. The app comes with a modern-looking player with next, previous, pause, play and shuffle buttons that can switch automatically to the next video. Meanwhile, the app offers to play nice quality YouTube videos in your device's optimized Internet connection. It is also flexible as it allows you to be keep the video playing in a floating window without necessarily closing it down when you wish to do something else with your device. The app assists you sort your YouTube playlist according to views, rating, or even by its publish date.

PlayTube can create, delete, change and play your own playlist and add an array of many videos to them. You can also share videos with friends using this app, playing full-screen videos.

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Pros and Cons


  • Watch videos instantly
  • Cache video to watch offline
  • Comes with Top 100 playlist and you can create your own
  • Video playback continues even after device is locked
  • TV-out and AirPlay mirroring support


  • No option to log in to YouTube to manage your account
  • No option to change the quality of video according to data speed
  • No option to share videos to Facebook or Twitter

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Final Thoughts

PlayTube is a YouTube client which brings the latest and most popular videos to your fingertips, so grab yourself one to enjoy non-stop music!


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