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SimCity BuildIt app review: watch your city come to life-night and day! 2021



SimCity Build It app is the latest game celebrated for letting you sit behind a mayor’s desk and run the city. This game requires no training in either urban planning or a background in politics. You can put a house anywhere you like in SimCity.

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However, if citizens get irritated over being forced to live and reproduce beside a nuclear power plant, well, an attack from Godzilla would be inevitable!

This SimCity game app was created by Electronic Art to enable you kick out the gloom by shaping a society you fancy. This simuliation app for iPhone is also compatible with iPad and iPod touch devices. Keep reading our SimCity app review for more details.

SimCity BuildIt


How to Play SimCity BuildIt

At its core, BuildIt is a standard crafting freemium title with timers. This game is easy to play as you are only required to build the city of your fantasy. In order to do so, you must strategically place buildings to keep the taxes flowing for the city to grow.

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With striking artistic styles such as pinch, zoom, and rotate at 360 degrees, you can manage your city on the go, both offline and online.

As you gather power in the game, it’s also advisable to flex it by creating trade resources with friends and partnering with other cities; through these platforms, you can unlock exclusive buildings like Big Ben and the Arc de Triomphe, or even worse, unleash your wrath with both natural and artificial disasters!

In order to be an effective manager, you have to solve some of the impeccable challenges in the city such as traffic, fire and pollution. Also balance services like power and an out-of-this world entertainment to give your citizens what they need.

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Best Features of SimCity BuildIt

The striking features in this is game is its vivid, 3D-quality graphics that makes it exciting and an ideal realistic city builder game in the mobile. Players are vested with full rational control of their town and all the structures which could simply be described as great!

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With features such as zoom-in, you are able to observe your city teem with life, cars on the street, spotlights, and even traffic jams. Meanwhile, BuildIt is most likely one of the first games to ever come up with the first timer-based freemium for you to enjoy; this allows you watch your city while the timers go by. 

Best Features of SimCity BuildIt image

SimCity BuildIt


Pros and Cons


  • Excellent 3D user-friendly graphics
  • Keep you entertained for hours
  • Comes with loads of exciting fun activities
  • Enlarges your creativity and sharpens management skills


  • The game is fun; however, its global trade system is dreadful

Pros and Cons image

Final remarks

The larger your city gets, the more thrilling your experience becomes. Let’s take on a SimCity challenge in molding our ideal society!

SimCity BuildIt

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