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WhatsApp Messenger app review: the most intriguing messenger app



Keeping in touch with friends, family and relatives who live miles away from you can be a tricky affair especially since conventional methods like phone calls and texts are time-consuming and pricey. Developed by WhatsApp Inc, WhatsApp Messenger is an app that makes possible for individuals around the world to communicate at a cost-effective means.

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Presently, it is well-suited for use in just about all types of mobile operating systems including: Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone. The default languages are English, Arabic, Norwegian, Catalan, Croatian, Japanese, German, French, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Slovak, Czech, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Danish, Traditional Chinese, and Dutch.

WhatsApp Messenger


How to keep the society informed

If you ever have pressing information that you would like to pass to your community members, you can easily utilize the group chat feature of WhatsApp Messenger to do so. For instance, you can utilize this forum to invite community members to an event you have organized.

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The group chat feature is not only imperative in passing information but also serves as a discussion forum. If there are issues affecting your society, community members can use this forum to voice their opinions and suggest reasonable solutions to these problems.

WhatsApp Messenger has simplified the way people communicate a great deal.  Unlike other messaging apps that require a user to recall his or her PIN and username every time they have to use the app, WhatsApp does not require any PINS and usernames. It functions in a similar manner as SMS where it works with your phone number and incorporates other contacts through your phone address book. 

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Best features of WhatsApp Messenger

One particular feature of this app that makes it very fascinating is Instant Messaging. This feature allows users to send instant messages to their friends. When you are away, the app records your offline messages for you to read them later on. Beyond the reward of conversing with friends, users can also share multimedia files such as videos, images and voice notes.

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Many individuals used to find it hard to communicate with friends and relatives who live overseas because of the pricey international communication charges. If you sail in this boat, there is no need to worry anymore as this app is absolutely free. All you need is access to the Internet: 3G or Wi-Fi (when available).

Another one of WhatsApp Messenger’s outstanding features is the ease of creating groups. A user can add as many people as he wants to, to the group. He can also remove group participants, change the group subject and set up a group icon with no difficulty. This feature also comes in handy if you have a group of friends who use different devices.  

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WhatsApp Messenger


Pros and Cons


  • Automatically adds contacts of friends through your address book
  • Saves money on SMS and MMS charges
  • User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate
  • Richer messaging- users can add videos, images and emoticons to messages they send


  • WhatsApp Messenger app expires after one year

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Final Thoughts

Having become one of the largest messaging platforms, WhatsApp Messenger one of the best free phone call apps for messaging and related purposes. You should really consider installing this app. 

WhatsApp Messenger

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