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aa app review: put your reflexes to the best today



Advancement in technology has led to development of modern games that target to improve our mental health and ability to make intelligent decisions. It is no longer about just having a good time playing a game but also using your inert skills to get maximum scores. aa is one such game that has attracted thousands of reviews from users. It was developed by General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd and is compatible with both iPhone and iPad devices. Currently, the default language is English.

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Test Your Ability to Make Fast Moves on your iPhone

Who said that you have to purchase the expensive and fancy video game gadgets to have a good time during the weekends? aa app is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a new way of playing mobile games. The developers have worked smart to come up with special features that provide an extremely challenging and exciting gaming experience that is hard to find in any other iPhone or iPad game in the world.

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Basically, there is a big wheel that is always spinning at different speeds. Your goal is to shoot the next number that pops on your screen to prevent it from crushing into the spokes. Just like other mental games, the speed at which the wheel spins will be automatically increased by the app as you progress. This means that you do not have to stick in just one boring level all the time. It is also important to note that the wheel can spin in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction hence it is up to you to monitor its movement and make the right moves. 

Best Features of aa App Review

One of the aspects that give this app a higher cutting edge is the spectacular gaming experience that it offers. First, the interface is very user friendly and simple to understand even if this is the first time you have downloaded a game app into your iPhone or iPad. Most of the people have actually managed to play it immediately after downloading it.

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You will be forgiven to think that this app will take up lots of space on your phone due to its amazing features. It is only 11.7MB in size and just like other spectacular iTunes games; it will not tamper with the functionalism of your phone or its battery.

In addition, you will not pay a penny to use it ever in your life. The new version 1.1.7 has new challenging levels and the performance has been enhanced to ensure that the wheel and numbers keeps spinning. Be sure to check up regular updates to keep it up-to-speed with any new changes that the developers release.



Pros and Cons


  • Smart interface that will test your reflexes
  • No internet access is required
  • Ideal for new, intermediate, and experienced users
  • Different performance levels to keep you entertained


  • Sometimes one get stuck in one level for days. The developers need to come up with a more straightforward way of gauging ones performance

Final Thoughts

aa app is a very engaging iPhone app that you can count on to improve your flexes. It is less prone to bugs and no internet access is required unless when installing new updates.


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