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Sesame Street: 123 Sesame Street app review: an amazing audio story book app



As part of the development process, children need to continually acquire knowledge regarding various aspects. For instance, they need to figure out how to navigate through places on their own. Installing Sesame Street: 123 Sesame Street app, can be an ideal way of teaching kids how to move about. The app was developed by Sesame Street. The default language is English. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. 

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Sesame Street: 123 Sesame Street


Finding the Puppy

The app makes it possible for users to enjoy “Where is the Puppy” book series right from their devices. The app features Elmo who is in search of a little black puppy he spotted on Sesame Street. Elmo is devoted to finding the puppy and finding an apt home for it. As Elmo explores Sesame Street in search of the puppy, he bumps into old friends and learns more about the neighborhood.

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Elmo strongly believes that the puppy may have gone into 123 Sesame Street where his friends Ernie and Bert reside. Is he in Ernie’s bathtub or kitchen? Help Elmo find the lost puppy by exploring Ernie’s apartment in and out.

Finding the Puppy image

Best Features of Sesame Street: 123 Sesame Street

The app features a wholly illustrated, authentic story casted in Sesame Street. The starring character is Elmo, a furry red monster that is a favorite character for many people.

With Sesame Street: 123, recording your own audio books has been simplified. The app lets users to record their own voices whilst they read the tale. The intuitive feature that makes recording process happen works in a jiffy. What’s more, you can record as many as 10 individual tracks.

Another key highlight of this app is the coloring book. There are a whole six pages left for you to color. With the opportunity to save your own colorfully made creations, every individual can come up with individual masterpieces.

Sesame Street: 123 Sesame Street comes equipped with vocabulary learning tools. These are: Elmo’s Everyday Words containing a list of 8 words from the story with their respective definitions. It also features ‘Big Bird’s Big Ideas’ that has a glossary of at least 4 more abstract terms. The featured words can be identified from the story from the blue color they are printed in.

The progressive page flow is another outstanding feature of this app. It makes it possible to proceed from one illustration to the next in tandem with the plot of the story.

With visual index tool, it becomes pie easy to shift back and forth to the part of the story that interests you most. It also enables users to resume reading from what they left off.

Best Features of Sesame Street: 123 Sesame Street image

Sesame Street: 123 Sesame Street


Pros and Cons


  • Users can record more audio tracks; it is now possible for friends and family to record up to 10 audio tracks
  • Comes with a coloring book
  • Parents: the store lock lets users be in charge over purchasing new apps
  • The menus and navigation have been enhanced


  • There are few interactive features

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Sesame Street: 123 Sesame Street is an incredible audio story book app that will help teach your toddler about storytelling and individuals and places in Sesame Street.

Sesame Street: 123 Sesame Street

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