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Customize My Screen Pro app review: create a screen of your choice



Your home screen is the first thing you see the minute you turn on your iPhone or iPod device. At times, you may not like the way this home screen looks like. This is where Customize My Screen Pro iTunes app comes in handy. It is an incredible app that is tailored to help users customize their home screens to their hearts’ content. Currently, the default language used is English. It was developed by Pocket Life. Customize My Screen Pro is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

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Customize My Screen Pro


Why download Customize My Screen Pro

There are numerous reasons why individuals opt to customize their home screens. For one, customization gives a user a splendid opportunity to install a specific home screen that mimics that of another operating system. For instance, if you have always admired the page layout of Ms Windows Phone, you can utilize Customize My Screen Pro features to make your home screen look exactly or close to that of the Ms.

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Another reason that justifies screen customization is so that you can have a unique and dissimilar home screen. The home screen of an iPhone device looks pretty beautiful. However, it looks the same as that of any other iPhone model. To stand out from the crowd of tons of iPhone users, download Customize My Screen Pro today and achieve an exceptional look of your home screen.

Best features of Customize My Screen Pro

The main way in which Customize My Screen Pro lets you customize your screen is by providing you with a pool of tools to aid you come up with beautiful, unique designs and styles of layouts. This might sound a bit dull, but by incorporating a couple of optical illusions such as making apps be surrounded with borders adds a touch of distinctiveness.

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Customize My Screen Pro provides users with a fun and easy way of spicing up their screens with the alternative icons. In lieu of changing the entire layout of your home or lock screen, you can simply change the icons that represent the various folders such as games, messages just to mention a few. Changing icons changes the overall aesthetics of your screen.

The key highlight of Customize My Screen Pro is that you will not require any internet connection or Wi-Fi accessibility for you to download a particular icon. This is a great boon, given the fact that changing icons representing the different apps in your device is the easiest way of customizing your screen.

Customize My Screen Pro makes use of a very user friendly interface. This makes it an ideal screen customization app for beginners. The instructions are straightforward and easy to comprehend and follow.

Customize My Screen Pro


Pros and Cons


  • The user interface is easy to navigate
  • It has an array of icon packs and themes that users can choose from


  • It has limited screen customization tools

Final Thoughts

There are scores of apps that are tailored to help users customize their home and lock screens. Customize My Screen Pro is among the top-rated customization apps and one that will help you create the screen of your choice.


Customize My Screen Pro

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