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iDMSS Plus Surveillance app review: security at your fingertips 2021



iDMSS Plus home security app is simply a groundbreaking app developed by DMMS to assist you keep vigilant of what is happening around your environment without you necessarily being around to watch over things.

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This iPhone surveillance camera app comes with an array of security measures that ensure your property is protected, it supports Push Alarm which may be triggered to scare away strangers from your property.

It also has a Video Playback that allows you to look at recent activities from your comfort zone, the app has a task wheel that lets makes it easy to use, Finger Gesture that ease its control, and a Windows Slide.

The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices and is one of the better apps for home security. Let's dig deeper into IDMSS to see if it's the best home security app for your needs.

iDMSS Plus


How to Use

If you want to use the "Push Alarm" function,make sure of the following there are some basic tips that should be followed to the later to ensure that it meets its sole purpose.

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You should only use special devices that support "Push Alarm" function such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. You should also make sure that your device can access internet since this app is supported by it in order to allow you to access surveillance footage collected from the location.

You are also advised to re-subscribe for you to get notification required since the previous push certificate may have expired. You can re-subscribe in "Push Configuration" to active push notification again.

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Best Features

There are different exciting features that will only leave you overwhelmed with the kind of an out-of-this world kind of surveillance for your property. The app has got astonishing graphics which will leave you amazed.

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It can be set as a live wallpaper for you to keep abreast with activities on the ground without you necessarily being around. The playback feature allows you to have a clear view of what was transpiring in the video footage collected, this may be used as evidence.

The alarm outputs allows you to chance away strangers who might have bad intention to your property.

The apps offers you an array of choices with its favorites button which makes the app extraordinarily splendid, you can choose and save funny video clip that tickles and cracks your ribs out with laughter so that you can watch it at your leisure time with friends.

Best Features   image

iDMSS Plus


Pros and Cons


  • Has a play feature
  • Has a push alarm
  • Allows for notifications
  • Accesses Internet


  • The new playback features in the latest release is great but the developer should note that even after re-subscribing to the push events, the events will ONLY show up in the event list if the iDMSS app is open at that particular time when the event occurs

Pros and Cons image

Final Remarks

This app endeavors to ensure that your property is kept under surveillance 24 hours a day and seven days a week! If you are still grappling with the security of your property, worry no more, the app will do exceptionally great.

iDMSS Plus

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