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My Little Pony Party of One app review: who throws more parties than Pinkie Pie



Storybooks have enormous benefits for children, particularly those in preschool. They boost a child’s learning ability by teaching him or her new vocabulary. My Little Pony Party of One is an incredible storybook app designed in such a manner that boosts kids’ learning of language. It was developed by PlayDate Digital. The default language is English and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

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My Little Pony Party of One


The Importance of friendship

My Little Pony Party of One tells the tale of a pony by the name Pinkie Pie who delights in organizing parties. Pinkie loves planning parties so much to the extent that she plans an after-birthday party for her pet, a toothless crocodile known as Gummy. This is in spite of the fact that she is just from finishing off from another party. In the meantime, her other pony friends Rainbow, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Twilight are planning a surprise party for her too. Pinkie feels frustrated when none of her friends turn up for Gummy’s party. Afterwards, Rainbow comes and pushes Pinkie Pie into a barn where the surprise party is awaiting her. She gets elated and declares her allies the best friends she’s ever had. She learns that you should always anticipate the best from your friends.

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Best Features of My Little Pony Party of One

The key highlight of My Little Pony Party of One is its interactive feature. The app is ideal for preschool and young elementary kids as they get to learn new vocabulary. The learning words include advanced vocabulary such as ‘celebrate.’ The app lets kids see a picture of the word, listen to it being spoken aloud and view it being jotted down.

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Another characteristic that amuses kids a great deal, is the use of Pinkie Pie’s official voice from the show, Friendship is Magic. Users get entertained by watching characters animate in humorous instances in each story spread.

The app is equipped with a parent reporting feature which makes it pie easy for parents to track the learning progress of their kids. Basically, this feature shows a user precisely how many words your child has clicked on to listen. It also displays how much of the tale your child has completed reading.

The app enhances kids’ reading skills with the aid of the three aiding options. In the first option, Read to Me, the words are read out loud and highlighted. However, a child has to tap a page so as to move to the next page. In Read it Myself, the words are not spoken aloud. A user has to tap to advance and view the interactions. The last reading option, Auto Play, words are said out loud, pages advance automatically, and the interactive tools are automatic. 

My Little Pony Party of One


Pros and Cons


  • Effective learning tool to teach kids new vocabulary
  • It delivers moral teaching of friendship to kids
  • It enables parents and guardians to track the learning progress of their kids


  • It fails to incorporate many activities that kids can engage in

Final Thoughts

My Little Pony Party of One is an app that makes use of thoughtful language and dynamic scenes to gently enable children learn the art of friendship.

My Little Pony Party of One

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