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Monster Math app review: give kids a head start with math 2021



Math can be a pretty tricky subject for kids to get a grasp on so any extra help is usually welcome. The Monster Math app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone has been designed for kids nine through 11 as a way to get a firm grasp on a variety of topics.

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Whether your children are struggling in math or you're just looking for a math app to reinforce what they've learned and build their confidence, this iPhone math app can act as a fun solution.

Keep reading our Monster Math app review to learn more details about this good math app for iPhone and iPad.

Monster Math : Kids Fun Games


Not So Obvious Lessons

Where the Monster Math app excels is in offering kids an educational experience that doesn’t feel like school. They will be able to take part in lessons that feel like fun games rather than a chore.

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The app is specifically for kids in Grade One, Two, and Three, and focuses on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The app is set up to feel like an adventure that kids will embark upon with Maxx who is a rather cute monster.

Maxx is on a mission to save his good friend Dextra and along the way he'll need to face off against his enemies, move through different worlds, and make allies along the way. It mixes adaptive gameplay with an engaging storyline, which is rather unexpected in an education app.

Not So Obvious Lessons image

Working Through the Learning Experience

It almost seems unjust to use the word work when it comes to the Monster Math app because there is nothing that feels like work here. Even though kids will be practicing their core math skills they will also be busy having fun.

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There is practice mode and multiplayer mode, both of which offer a unique experience. In practice mode kids won't have any stress or pressure on them they are free to work at their own pace. In multi-player mode they have the opportunity to go up against other kids through the Game Center.

The game will automatically adapt to your child's skill level so there is never a need to worry if it's set at the right level of challenge.

Working Through the Learning Experience image

Monster Math : Kids Fun Games


Pros and Cons


  • The app adapts to your child’s skill level
  • It’s ideal for kids in Grade One, Two, and Three
  • The app focuses on the core math skills
  • Lessons are presented in the form of interactive gameplay
  • There are a couple of modes of play


  • Not all content is available in the free version

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Monster Math app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is the perfect way to instill confidence in your child where math is concerned. They can learn in a stress-free environment that is wrapped up in interactive fun.

Monster Math : Kids Fun Games

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