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Worx Home by Citrix app review: providing a secured home for all your enterprise mobile apps



Worx Home by Citrix is an enterprise-class application that aggregates all Citrix-powered apps in one place. The app leverages the power of mobile computing without compromising the security of corporate networks. With Worx Home, you will be able to access your productivity apps from one screen. Developed by Zenprise, the app is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

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Worx Home by Citrix


A Closer Look at Worx Home by Citrix

Citrix is a world leader when it comes to developing enterprise-level virtualization applications. It provides software as a service (SaaS) products and mobile management tools for companies throughout the world. Citrix’s apps are now being used by businesses to manage remote workers.

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By using Worx Home, users can now effectively manage their apps from one screen. This mobile productivity app offers a secured space for users so they can work without worry.

The concept behind Worx Home is simple. In today’s business environment, remote workers and teams use different applications to perform mission critical jobs. Most of the time, these applications are hosted in non-secure environments.

So when remote workers connect to the private networks of their company, they bring with them unsecured apps. This could potentially jeopardize the security of private networks. In many instances, corporate networks have been compromised by infected apps.

This is where Worx Home by Citrix becomes really useful. By integrating all Citrix powered programs in one secured app, the problem of network breach could be minimized. For both IT managers and business owners, the app makes their job a lot easier. For remote workers, the integration makes them more efficient and productive.

In other words, Worx Home by Citrix offers a win-win solution for everybody. It is a very useful app from the vantage point of productivity and security.

Best Features of Worx Home by Citrix

Worx Home offers an easy to use interface with a simple and stripped down workflow. In fact, it only offers one large home screen where you can access all your apps. There is no setup required and no complicated learning process. It focuses more on productivity rather than fancy designs.

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The Worx Home interface is highly responsive. With a single tap, you will be able to open your apps without any glitch. You can then work confidently knowing that your apps are running inside a secure environment.

The app uses a smart device recognition engine. When loading Worx Home for the first time, your device will communicate with the secured server using encrypted protocols. So the next time you use this app, your device will be provided with a secured access.

Most important of all, Worx Home by Citrix offers live support service for users. You can use the built-in chat support feature to get assistance from Citrix customer service. You can also send support tickets via email.

Worx Home by Citrix


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with simple workflow
  • No setup required
  • Offers a secured environment for all your apps
  • Responsive interface
  • Offers excellent customer support


  • Requires constant Internet connection

Final Thoughts

Worx Home by Citrix is a simple mobile platform that offers big benefits for users. It provides a secure environment for all your apps to protect private networks.


Worx Home by Citrix

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