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Slack Team Communication app review: a powerful team messaging tool packed with useful features 2021



Slack, which is featured on our list of the Best iPhone and iPad apps for employee management, is a full-featured group messaging and communication tool that can improve team cohesiveness and productivity.

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This project team management app is a highly rated app and it already received impressive reviews from the mainstream media. Slack brings together the power of Twitter, email, chat, and Google Hangout. Developed by Slack Technologies, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

This project management app also works with other platforms and can be used seamlessly across different operating systems. 

Continue reading our Slack Team app review to see why it's one of the best project planning apps.



Improve Team Communication with Slack App

There are hundreds of communication tools that offer group messaging. Email services today offer threaded conversations. There’s Twitter with its real time messaging feature and direct messaging. Dozens of chat apps are also available in the market.

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So, what makes Slack Team Communication different from other messaging applications and services? From the get go, you will immediately notice that Slack is way ahead of the competition because it integrates the disparate systems into one unified interface.

Slack incorporates all the useful features of private chat, threaded email, Twitter, Hangouts, and public chat rooms. You can now enjoy the benefits of these communication tools by simply using Slack. Most important of all, this app is a free tool and it works across different platforms.

To use the app, all you need is a valid email address. You can then invite more people to the group or join other teams. Starting a conversation using Slack is easy.

You can either join a Channel or create a new one for your group. Channels are similar to public chat rooms because conversations are visible to all group members.

To communicate with a select group of people, you can initiate a private group chat. For one-on-one communication, you can send a direct private message to anyone in your group. 

Improve Team Communication with Slack App image

Best Features of Slack Team Communication

The integrated group messaging is the core feature of Slack. As a team communication tool, the app allows you to join multiple channels or create a channel for new conversations.

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This app supports inline image and video display. This means you can insert photos and videos in your messages which are viewable by everyone in the group.

Another powerful feature of Slack is the document import support. You can share documents and files within the app and they can be downloaded by other group members. You may also include links to external cloud storage to allow your team to download files.

Slack offers a Twitter-like Direct Messaging system. You can communicate in private with anyone by sending DMs. It also allows you to create private groups to start a more focused group messaging.

Other useful features of Slack include intuitive search tool to look for archived messages, a hashtag-driven conversation search, multi-platform support, and customizable push notifications.

Best Features of Slack Team Communication  image



Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with simple setup
  • Offers group messaging, private chat, and direct messages
  • Supports inline video and photo uploads
  • Integrates with Dropbox, Google+, and other cloud services
  • Multi-function search tool with hashtag support


  • No negative review

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Slack is redefining how groups of people communicate with each other. It integrates all the useful features of existing but disparate communication tools. If you need a powerful messaging system for your team, then Slack is a must-have app for you. 


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