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Sell on Etsy app review: a valuable tool to boost your sales on Etsy 2021



Sell on Etsy is a full-featured merchant’s application for the Etsy marketplace. It is a valuable tool that supports payment processing, shop management, and customer communication.

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By using this Etsy sellng app, selling on Etsy has become a lot easier. It is an official Etsy app for iPhone and also works perfectly with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Cotinue reading our Etsy app review to see if this is one of the best Etsy apps for sellers. 

Sell on Etsy


Improving Sales Performance with Sell on Etsy App

Etsy is a peer-to-peer ecommerce site that focuses on handcrafted items, vintage products, and novelty goods. If your business model is selling handmade products, then Etsy is the best marketplace for you.

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Selling on Etsy can become extremely cumbersome especially if you have hundreds of products to offer. If you want your business to become more efficient, then Sell on Etsy app can greatly help you.

Sell on Etsy offers a full suite of merchant tools that can help improve the sales performance of your Etsy shop. The app is free and you can use it immediately after installation.

When loading the app for the first time, you will be prompted to log-in to your Etsy account. At this stage, the app will sync with the Etsy site so that your online shop can be linked to your device.

After signing-in, you can now use the app’s productivity tools. For example, you can edit your Etsy shop by changing its appearance. You can upload a new logo, write new descriptions, and send announcements to your existing customers. But you can skip these steps to maintain the current look of your Etsy shop.

The app offers different productivity tools. You can manage your product listing directly from the app. You can update prices, change descriptions, and upload new product images. You can also track existing orders from the management dashboard and respond to conversations with customers.

Improving Sales Performance with Sell on Etsy App image

Best Features of Sell on Etsy

One of the best features of Sell on Etsy is the in-person payment processing system. The app allows you to accept credit card payments through its card reader tool.

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This is very useful when you’re selling your products in flea markets and local fairs. With the card reader, you can enjoy non-cash transactions and your sales are directly credited to your Etsy account.

Another useful feature of Sell on Etsy is the integrated product management tool. The app allows you to list products from your device. You can upload pictures, set prices, and write descriptions from the app.

You can also track your products by viewing all existing orders, successful purchases, and product shipments. This app allows you to mark and archive completed transactions. You can also send messages to your customers to inform them about the status of their orders.

This app has seen numerous updates over the last year to improve its performance and stabilization through fixing any pesky bugs and crashes.

Best Features of Sell on Etsy image

Sell on Etsy


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with a simple layout
  • Offers a card reader for in-person credit card payments
  • An integrated order management tool
  • Allows product listing
  • Offers communication tools for customer support
  • Customizable push notifications
  • Sales insights with shop statistics


  • Card reader not available for non-U.S. sellers

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

If you are an Etsy merchant, then Sell on Etsy is a must-have app for you. This app offers valuable tools so you can easily manage your shop. 

Sell on Etsy

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