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Manga University 101 app review: teaching you how to draw manga



Manga University 101 is a tutorial app that will teach you the step-by-step process of drawing manga characters. It also offers links to various resources such as manga ebooks, videos, and anime articles. Developed by Manga University, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Manga University 101: How to Draw Manga


The Best Free Tutorial for Budding Manga Artists

If you are looking for free tutorials that will teach you how to draw different anime characters, then Manga University 101 is the perfect app for you. This app is the iOS version of the niche website Manga University. It offers a rich collection of drawing lessons so you can master the art of manga.

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Manga University 101 is a full-featured tutorial app for budding anime artists. It offers step-by-step drawing lessons with illustrations and text descriptions. Each lesson shows the secrets of manga illustrators and how they draw anime characters from scratch.

When you open this app, the home screen will display four sections: the tutorials, videos, books, and blogs. The core content of the app is the tutorial section.

The tutorial section gives you access to specific drawing lessons such as how to draw the head, how to draw characters, how to draw faces, and many more.

Each tutorial in this app is simple and fully illustrated. The lesson begins with an overview that explains the full tutorial. It will then show you a step-by-step presentation of the drawing process. Included in the tutorial are tips about proper shading, 3D effects, color schemes, perspectives, and creation of movement.

Manga University 101 is a simple app but it offers complete lessons that teach you the basics of drawing manga and different anime characters. 

Features of Manga University 101

Manga University 101 offers dozens of fully illustrated tutorials with detailed text instructions. It teaches you how to draw heads, hair styles, ears, faces, hands, and clothes.

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The app offers access to a rich collection of Manga University videos. In this version, a video series called Japan in 60 Seconds is included. There are also links to anime workshop videos, home videos, and featured anime artists. Take note that the videos are not embedded in the app. When you tap a video thumbnail, the app opens the browser and you will be redirected to YouTube.

Manga University 101 offers a catalog of educational manga ebooks and how to draw books. The catalog is linked to iBookstore where you can purchase the digital books.

Another great feature of this app is the blog section. This section offers links to breaking news and articles about Manga University. Blog feeds are streamed to your device so you can browse any update offered by the site.

Manga University 101: How to Draw Manga


Pros and Cons


  • Offers a complete collection of manga drawing tutorials
  • Fully illustrated with text instructions
  • Offers links to videos and articles
  • Gives access to the MU book catalog
  • Free to use with no in-app purchases


  • Needs to support other languages

Final Thoughts

Manga University 101 is one of the best tutorial apps for all manga artists and anime fans. This app offers detailed tutorials with impressive illustrations and step-by-step instructions. 


Manga University 101: How to Draw Manga

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