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NeoSoar eBooks, PDF & ePub reader app review: a powerful ebook reader for all book lovers



NeoSoar eBooks is a comprehensive ebook reader that supports ePub and PDF including Adobe DRM. It is integrated with Dropbox and allows you to sync your ebooks across different iOS devices. This ebook reader offers several useful tools such as note taking, integrated browser, Wikipedia, and Google search support, bulk imports, and a customizable bookshelf. Developed by NeoSoar Inc, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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NeoSoar eBooks, PDF & ePub reader


A Closer Look at NeoSoar eBooks

NeoSoar eBooks is one of the most elegantly designed ebook readers for iOS devices. Its home screen features a realistic mahogany colored bookshelf where you can organize your digital books into different categories.

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When you first load this app, the bookshelf contains two free classic ebooks: The Great Gatsby and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. You have full access to these ebooks and you can read them right away if you want.

Reading ebooks in NeoSoar is easy. Simply tap the book icon in the bookshelf to open it. Swipe the screen to the left or right to turn the pages. Page turning is animated with sound effects which enhance the realistic appeal of NeoSoar.

One of the most useful features of NeoSoar eBooks is the bulk import. This app allows you to download your ebook collections from Dropbox using Auto-sync function. With a single tap, all ebooks in your Dropbox storage will be accessible to your iOS device. And the best part is that NeoSoar can read any PDF or ePub ebook.

If you are fond of making side notes or annotations when reading books, NeoSoar eBooks has a surprise for you. The app supports quick note taking with options to highlight or underline selected texts. The notes are saved in the app and you can access them by tapping the highlighted texts. 

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Best Features of NeoSoar eBooks

NeoSoar eBooks offers a beautifully designed bookshelf with built-in support for creating custom categories. The app allows you to create unlimited categories for better book management.

This app supports PDF, ePub, and Adobe DRM ebooks. It allows you to download your collections of ebooks so you can read them on your device. With an integrated Dropbox auto-sync support, you will be able to access all your books anytime you want.

NeoSoar eBooks offers cutting edge display properties. It supports page turning animation with sound effects. You can dim the backlight or change the background to sepia. This option is very useful for night reading.

Another great feature of NeoSoar is the integrated note taking with built-in Google search and Wikipedia access. You can create annotations by inserting notes within the texts. You can also search word meanings and contexts using Google and Wikipedia. The app has its own browser to access different online resources. 

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NeoSoar eBooks, PDF & ePub reader


Pros and Cons


  • Offers an elegant realistic bookshelf
  • Supports bulk import
  • Can read all PDF, ePub, and Adobe DRM ebooks
  • Supports auto-sync function with Dropbox
  • Impressive page animation with sound effects
  • Offers built-in note taking tool, highlighter, and browser
  • Comes with two free ebooks


  • No negative review

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

NeoSoar eBooks is one of the best ebook readers in the App Store. It offers cutting edge features that are normally offered in paid applications. If you want a free ebook reader, then this application is highly recommended for you.

NeoSoar eBooks, PDF & ePub reader

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