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Hoopla Digital app review: providing access to digital entertainment and books using your library card 2021



Hoopla Digital is the iOS app of Hoopla streaming media service. It offers a unique model for delivering digital content to your iOS device.

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The Hoopla streaming app for iPhone allows users the ability to borrow books, audiobooks, music albums, and full movies using your local library card.

The streaming app for iPhone builds a partnership with local libraries so you can access a wide range of digital content from the comforts of your home. 

For more details on this iPhone app for streaming, keep reading our Hoopla digital app review.

Hoopla Digital


Hoopla Digital Brings Libraries to the Cloud

In the past, borrowing books, audio recordings, and movies from local libraries can be very inconvenient. Even when e-libraries were introduced a few years back, library patrons often find themselves faced with a long waiting list especially when borrowing popular titles.

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You can avoid all these hassles by using Hoopla Digital. When you use this app, you will get immediate access to the digital content of affiliate libraries that also use the Hoopla platform. All you need to do is to use your library card to borrow whatever content you need.

The beauty of Hoopla Digital is that it streamlines the process of borrowing digital content. Books, music, and movies can be streamed directly to your device with a few taps.

The best part is that the system eliminates the prospect of paying fines for unreturned content. That’s because Hoopla Digital completely automates the return process so you don’t need to worry about due dates.

Using Hoopla Digital is easy. You just need to create a personal account and link it to your library card. After this step, you can immediately borrow any digital content you want. 

Hoopla Digital Brings Libraries to the Cloud image

Features of Hoopla Digital

The latest version of Hoopla Digital has been revamped to make the process of borrowing easier and simpler. It offers an intuitive home screen where you can access recommended books, music, and movies.

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The app has an easy to use search tool so you can quickly find what you need from the library. You can search content by name, title, and categories. Each title has its own cover photo, description, and expected date of return.

Hoopla Digital allows you to organize your selections through bookmarking. You can flag any content as your favorite to save it in your Favorites Folder. When you are ready to borrow, simply tap the Borrow button at the top of the screen to get your digital copy.

This app uses smart cache technology that can remember your borrowing history, browsing history, and interests. Based on your history, the app builds a list of recommended titles that correspond to your own preferences. This feature helps simplify your library search.

Features of Hoopla Digital  image

Hoopla Digital


Pros and Cons


  • Offers intuitive home screen with simple workflow
  • Uses advance search function
  • Instant access to borrowed content
  • Allows bookmarking
  • Supports auto-return feature
  • Free to use


  • The app works only with libraries that use the Hoopla platform

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Hoopla Digital offers an easy way for you to borrow digital content from libraries. It brings your local library’s digital catalog in the palm of your hands. By using this app, you will enjoy instant access to ebooks, music albums, and movies. 

Hoopla Digital

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