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Madefire Comics & Motion Books app review: bringing the future of digital comics to your mobile device 2021



Madefire Comics app for iPhone offers an entirely new way of experiencing the world of digital storytelling. This good comics app for iPhone brings the comics world to a new exciting level with integrated cinematic motion, immersive experience, panorama view, sound effects, and full user control.

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Developed by Madefire Inc, this iPhone app for comics is also compatible with iPad and iPod touch. Keep reading our Madefire app review to learn all that this app has to offer and to see if it's one of the best iPhone apps for comics

Madefire Comics & Motion Books


Madefire Revolutionizes Comics Storytelling

Madefire Comics & Motion Books is a full-featured comic book reader, digital catalog, and motion book engine. It is a comprehensive app that brings life to traditional comics.

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As a digital catalog, the app brings you an updated list of traditional graphic novels from mainstream comic creators. Hundreds of new DC comics are available in the app. It also lists new titles published by famous illustrators such as Stan Lee, Mike Carey, and Dave Gibbons, to name just a few.

As a full-featured comic book reader, the app supports both traditional graphic novel varieties as well as motion books. Star Trek Episode 1 and Transformers come pre-installed with the app. You can immediately read these comic books after finishing your download.

But the real beauty of Madefire Comics & Motion Books app comes to the fore when you start reading motion books. It supports high impact visual storytelling in cinema-like fashion.

The app supports enhanced sound effects, screen zooming, immersive panorama view, and parallax 3D display. When you use this app to read comics, it is like watching a full-motion movie in your iOS device. 

Madefire Revolutionizes Comics Storytelling  image

Best Features of Madefire Comics & Motion Books

This app offers hundreds of free and paid comics from top publishers such as DC, Oni Press, Dark Horse, Liquid, Valiant, and many more. It also offers hundreds of newly released titles and they are readily available to you through in-app purchase.

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Fans of choose your own adventure genre will love Madefire’s interactive motion books. It offers exclusive access to the graphic novel Batman Arkham Origins.

This motion book features multiple story paths and several unpredictable outcomes. You are in full control of Batman’s adventures and you decide how the story will end.

The fully immersive visual experience is one of the best features of Madefire Comics & Motion Books. The app supports 3D visual engagement, full panoramic view, and cinematic sound effects.

Lastly, the app offers a so-called Friday weekly special promotion. Every Friday of the week, Madefire releases free classic titles that are ready to download. You can take advantage of this promotion to read comics for free. 

Best Features of Madefire Comics & Motion Books image

Madefire Comics & Motion Books


Pros and Cons


  • Offers impressive visual display
  • Supports motion books with no visual degradation
  • Fully immersive experience with panoramic views and 3D settings
  • Cinematic background music and sound effects
  • Updated catalog of new and classic comic books


  • Download packs are too big and may require fast Internet connection

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

If you want to experience the future of digital storytelling, then Madefire Comics & Motion Books is the perfect app for you. This app offers a wide range of traditional graphic novels as well as cinematic motion books. This is a must-have app for all comic book fanatics. 

Madefire Comics & Motion Books

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