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RSA SecurID Software Token app review: offering excellent security for sensitive private networks 2021



RSA Token app offers big benefits for users of private networks. This data management app uses the two-factor authentication model to add a layer of security to networked data.

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This data manager prevents unauthorized access to private information by using dynamic security tokens in tandem with your own PIN code. Developed by RSA, this app is compatible with iPhone and iPad. Let's see just how efficient managing data with this app really is. 

RSA SecurID Software Token


How it Works

Using unique user-generated passwords is a popular way of securing private data and networks. Over the years, however, this security model has been proven insufficient in preventing data breach.

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Determined hackers and data thieves can easily break static passwords with ‘brute force’ attacks. There are also sophisticated programs that can guess common passwords using dictionary algorithm.

You can greatly minimize the possibility of a password breach by using the RSA SecurID Software Token app. This app can be downloaded for free in the App Store.

SecurID uses a two-factor authentication model to secure your private network and data. The two-factor authentication model is now a popular opt-in security feature of online services such as Google, MSN, and many more.

When you install RSA SecurID Software Token app, you will be required to import a separate software token. This token contains randomly generated pass codes that cycle continuously.

Each pass code is only available to you for a certain period. When the code expires, another one will be generated by the software. The continuous cycling prevents hackers from guessing the correct pass code.

To add another layer of security, you are also required to create a PIN code. You will use this PIN to complete the authentication process. The PIN and the pass code must be an exact match so you can access your private network. 

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Features of RSA SecurID Software Token

RSA SecurID Software Token is a simple app with no fancy features and designs. Its workflow consists of a single screen where you can enter your PIN and pass code token.

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The app offers strong pass code tokens with eight digits. The tokens are randomly generated. Used tokens are immediately discarded by the system so that a new one can be issued to you.

Ease of use is one of the strongest features of RSA SecurID app. This app does not require complicated setup. You can use it immediately after the installation process. Importing the software token is also easy and fast.

The app allows you to copy/paste your pass code token. In the previous versions of this app, the copy/paste feature is not supported. With the current version, you can quickly input the codes using the copy/paste operation.

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RSA SecurID Software Token


Pros and Cons


  • Offers a simple interface with stripped down workflow
  • Subdued screen background for easy reading
  • Offers randomly generated pass code tokens
  • Supports copy/paste operation


  • Needs to add colors to the token for improved visibility

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Final Thoughts

RSA SecurID Software Token is a valuable app for users of private networks. This app uses two-factor authentication to prevent hackers from breaching networked data. This is a must-have app for users who need to secure sensitive data.

RSA SecurID Software Token

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