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Dayforce HCM app review: providing a winning solution for both employees and managers 2021



Dayforce HCM is an enterprise-class application that can be used for managing workforce schedules. This employee management app can also be used by employees for viewing shifts and available schedules.

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The app for employees It offers extra features to improve productivity and work efficiency. Developed by Dayforce Corporation, the Dayforce app for iPhone is also compatible with the iPad and iPod touch.Keep reading our Dayforce app review for more details on this app. 

Dayforce HCM


Effectively Manage Human Capital with Dayforce HCM

Dayforce HCM is the mobile solution of Dayforce workforce management system. The app is integrated with the Dayforce ecosystem. It can be used only by companies that have existing Dayforce accounts.

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To get started with this app, make sure that your company is currently subscribed to the Dayforce system. When loading the app, you will be prompted to provide a valid client credential.

Dayforce HCM offers two parallel systems for users: the management dashboard and the employee client. The first system can be used by managers to setup regular work shifts and schedules.

As a manager, you can view daily attendance of employees. The app allows you to quickly call available staff to replace absent employees. You will also get comprehensive insights on project completion, employee performance, payroll status, and employee requests.

Employees need to download this app and log-in using the credentials provided by their HR managers. Upon logging-in, all connected employees can view scheduled shifts, available day-off, and holidays.

They can also use the app as a time-in clock to record their shift duty. Most important of all, Dayforce HCM allows employees to send time-off requests to their HR manager. 

Effectively Manage Human Capital with Dayforce HCM image

Best Features of Dayforce HCM

Dayforce HCM offers a complete set of features for managing human capital resources. One of the most important features of this app is the daily attendance report which gives HR managers real-time insights about employee performance. The attendance report is presented in calendar format with customizable schedules.

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Another powerful feature of Dayforce HCM is the task management dashboard. This dashboard allows you to view scheduled tasks. It shows real time information about task status, completion dates, and backlog reports.

If you are a manager, you can quickly troubleshoot problems using the data provided in the task management dashboard.

This app also offers other useful management tools such as payroll tracker and employee profile dashboard. You can also view, approve, or deny employee requests directly from the app’s management dashboard.

Dayforce HCM offers specific set of features exclusively for employees. This app allows employees to view their daily and monthly schedules. Again, the built-in scheduler is presented in a calendar format. Employees can use the app to record their daily work attendance and to send requests for time-off. 

The latest update has fixed bugs, improved the overall design, and made the navigation more user friendly. 

Best Features of Dayforce HCM image

Dayforce HCM


Pros and Cons


  • Offers calendar presentation of monthly schedules and shifts
  • Allows managers to set daily shifts
  • Exclusive view to monitor payroll status
  • Offers task management for tracking project completion
  • Employees have access to schedules
  • Allows employees to send time-off requests


  • The interface looks cluttered

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Dayforce HCM is a useful tool for managing employee schedules and performance. It offers a comprehensive set of tools to make HR management easier. This is a good app for current subscribers of Dayforce platform. 

Dayforce HCM

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