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VB Scoreboard Basic app review: all your scoreboards in one



If you're a fan of volleyball and have been on a search to find a way to keep score of your game then we have an app that may be the perfect solution. The VB Scoreboard Basic app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives you a way to not just display your volleyball score but you can also make changes to it. What's really cool is that you can set up a network of scoreboards that are all connected and synchronized.

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VB Scoreboard Basic


Everyone Can Access the Information

The VB Scoreboard Basic app offers users a really cool functionality to go ahead and input the score and then have everyone sync to it in order to view the information. That one dedicated device can be in charge of adjusting the leaving everyone else to just sit back and enjoy the web score cast. The app also supports Bluetooth remote which means you don't have to have keep funning to your device. Instead you can literally update the score as you're actually in the game, it doesn't get more immersive than that! The developer has also gone a step further offering users all kinds of extra tools and features.

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The app requires iOS 7.0 or later to use and even though it's free to download there are in-app purchases available that range in price from $0.99 to $1.99. The app doesn't yet have a customer rating or customer comments but a small bug has just been fixed so now users will have a smoother experience.

The scoreboard is simple to read
The scoreboard is simple to read

Explore the Many Features

Users are given a fair amount of tools and features in the VB Scoreboard Basic app so it's a good idea to spend some time exploring them. These features include being able to input the team names, change the team names, assign colors to the teams, you can show the match statistics, and start and stop a game timer that you can double tap on to get rid of it if you want. The serving team will be shown on the scoreboard, you can share stats through Twitter/Facebook/email, and you can even tap on the arrow in order to chance the direction.

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It's amazing the control and flexibility app offers to users especially if you want to be able to play the game at the same time. The app display screen is bold, large, and easy-to-read, making it all the more useful.

Display the game stats
Display the game stats

VB Scoreboard Basic


Pros and Cons


  • One person is able to be in charge of keeping the score and then is able to sync it to a network for all others to view
  • Make use of the timer
  • Share stats on social media and by email
  • The app is user-friendly
  • You can work the app through remote Bluetooth access so you can actually be playing the game


  • Not all of the features and tools are offered for free

Change team colors and team names
Change team colors and team names

Final Words

The VB Scoreboard Basic app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone will likely become your favorite go-to scoreboard tool thanks to the user-friendly tools and versatility of this app.

VB Scoreboard Basic

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