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Xoom Money Transfer app review: safe, quick and convenient money 2021



You no longer have to grapple with issues concerning transfer of money; thanks to Xoom Money Transfer app, you can now take as sigh of relief. The Xoom app for iPhone offers you an easy way to send money safely, quickly and conveniently from United States to your friends and family back home. 

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With this new app for sending money you have full power and total control to send money any amount of money to anyone around the globe. This enthralling app was developed by Xoom Corporation to assist you send money on-the-go at any time. 

This app is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPod smart devices. Keep reading our Xoom app review to see how it stacks up with the best apps for sending money. 

Xoom Money Transfer


How it Works

This apps allows you to quickly send money to any of your existing recipients across the world from United States of America, you can also monitor and manage the status of your transfers at the comfort of your seat.

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The app assists you to receive push notification that informs you about the status of all your money transfers with Xoom. The app has an exceptional user-friendly menu that guides you throughout all the process in the transfer operation.

The app has a send money selection that lets you send money to your recipient located anywhere around the world at your convenience. You can also track a transfer to follow up on its progress of reaching the receiver. The app has a pay bills option that allows you pay bills without necessarily using cash.

This app has a login and sign up option that you can secure your account. With this app, you no longer have to struggle with matters touching on your moneys security because with Xoom Money Transfer App, your moneys security is prioritized.

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Best Features

This app assists you Pay bills for goods and services in Mexico and Central America send money from the United States to friends and family around the world. You can use quick send to send money to any of your existing recipients, from a simple tap on your device.

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The app keeps you updated on the current status of your money transfers and it provides you with exquisite simplicity since you can track money transfer directly from your mobile device.

You can also have a check on great locked-in exchange rate and know exactly how much money will be received when you transfer. No guessing is required when using this awesome app. 

Additionally, the developers make regular updates to improve the overall performance and stabilization of the app. All bugs and crashes are addressed so that users can enjoy this app without any issues. 

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Xoom Money Transfer


Pros and Cons


  • Safe, quick and convenient
  • Easy-to-use menu
  • User friendly interface
  • Saves you time and money
  • Convenient
  • Reliable
  • Charges low fees


  • The developer should diversify the scope of the app by not only including other nations as eligible money senders and not only the United States of America

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

With Xoom, you can send money from the U.S. to friends and family to countries in Latin America, the Philippines, India, Europe, Australia and Vietnam from the convenience of your smartphone. Xoom is always safe and secure. It offers a money-back guarantee for your peace of mind. 

Xoom Money Transfer

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