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Sales Tax, Discount & Tip Calculator app review: a smart way of doing financial calculations



Sometimes, managers and sales executives are faced with numerous challenges when trying to monitor profits and sales numbers. Sales Tax, Discount & Tip Calculator is an iTunes application developed by monkeyLabs Inc to solve this problem completely. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices and the default languages are English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. 

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Sales Tax, Discount & Tip Calculator • Price Calculation


What to Expect From this App

Sales Tax, Discount & Tip Calculator is an intuitive and very easy to use iTunes application that you can use to redefine how to do financial calculations. Since its inception, its popularity has really increased as evident from the ever-increasing number of users from all across the globe. To ensure that all calculations are done correctly, the developers have incorporated a number of formulas.

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For instance, you can use it to carry out unlimited reverse price calculations while on the road. Offering discounts and coupons is one of the superior marketing strategies that have helped companies compete effectively with other players and achieve their set sales targets. The developer has included a new formula that has the ability to calculate discounts and sales price in seconds. This app will come in handy to help you know the exact tips figure before or even after taxes. In addition, you can use to calculate sales tax to avoid any penalties that could arise from long tabulation of information or late submission of tax documents.

The figures are displayed in a very ready font hence chances of making mistakes are almost nil. However, it is of paramount importance to ensure that you input the right data. Since it the interface is optimized for all devices, you do not need to change any settings when you download it.

Best Features of Sales Tax, Discount & Tip Calculator

One of the key feature that give Sales Tax, Discount & Tip Calculator an upper hand is the ability to email price information in one document to clients without having to close the app first. The optimized calculator keyboard is another attribute that makes it unique. All digits are clearly displayed to help you input the right data always.

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Ability to do sales tax calculations is another highlight that I really enjoyed using. The speed at which it does even the most complicated calculations is just phenomenon. As mentioned earlier, you must input the correct data or else you will end up making the wrong sales income projection. The fact that English is not the only default language has really helped to establish it as an authority. 

Sales Tax, Discount & Tip Calculator • Price Calculation


Pros and Cons


  • Does calculations very fast
  • Secure
  • No internet access is required unless when sending some of the reports to colleagues via email
  • Optimized calculator keyboard to ensure that you input the right figures
  • Available in more than one default language


  • To use this app, you need to have background information on how to do tax and sales calculations.

Final remarks

Sales Tax, Discount & Tip Calculator is a reliable app that you can use to do calculations faster and accurately. 

Sales Tax, Discount & Tip Calculator • Price Calculation

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