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A Little Solitaire app review: nine card games in one



A Little Solitaire is a card games iPhone and iPad app that has nine different card games, including the standard classic games like Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Spider One Suit, and Spider Two Suits.

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A Little Solitaire


A Drag and Tap Game

A Little Solitaire aims to be an enjoyable and easy-to-use game app. All you have to do is drag the cards or tap them where you want them to go. The cards are beautifully designed to look like real cards, yet be easy to see. This makes the gameplay easier to achieve than if the cards are nice to look at but hard to read. Honestly, this is a big one for me because I need to be able to scan the deck rather than have to look hard. I usually know where the cards are from memory, and a quick scan is enough to remember where the cards are now, but if I can’t easily read the suit and value, then it takes longer and isn’t as enjoyable.

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I also like that I can have traditional Klondike solitaire and Freecell in one app. These are two of my favorite pastimes when I’m sitting bored in a waiting room, so having them in one app is great because it takes up less space on my device.

A Drag and Tap Game image

Vision Impairment Prepared

If you have a vision impairment then you’ll be happy to know that A Little Solitaire has you covered. In order to accommodate for playing on a tiny iPhone screen where you may not be able to easily see all of the card faces, the developer incorporated a zoom option. Just pinch to make them smaller, and spread to make them bigger just as you would on a website or photo. It’ll automatically adjust the card size for portrait or landscape, so there’s no bad skewing of the image either.

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If you want to expand a pile in play, you can also tap and hold to view more of the cards. When you’re done, tap and hold again to make them scrunch up for easier, more condensed viewing and playing. This is useful in Klondike or Freecell, which are my personal favorites. I never got into Spider.

Vision Impairment Prepared image

A Little Solitaire


Pros & Cons


  • $0.99
  • Nine solitaire games in one app so you don’t need a bunch of different ones
  • 30.8MB so less than the many apps you’d need if you like to change up your game regularly
  • Cards are designed to be nice to look at but also easy to read
  • Zoom feature for easier playing and viewing


  • None Found

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Final Thoughts

A Little Solitaire is an iPhone and iPad game that includes nine solitaire games from standard Klondike, to Freecell, Spider, Spider One Suit, and Spider Two Suits. If you’re a one-person card game lover, then this is a great app to add to your collection. At only $0.99 it is affordable too. I enjoyed testing this card games app, and will be keeping it around for my own enjoyment.

A Little Solitaire

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