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HiNative app review: pose a cultural or language question-2021



Imagine a place where you could ask questions about culture and language and a native speaker was on-hand to answer you. That's exactly what the HiNative app allows you to do. This is a culture trip app in the truest sense as it offers a unique experience that will give you quick, easy, and accurate answers.

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This language app is a global Q&A community for language learners and people that are curious about the world. Ask questions, get answers, and connect with native speakers from over 170 different countries in a simple application for your iDevice. Keep reading our HiNative app review for more great details about this tool and check out our best language learning apps list for other options.

HiNative - Language Learning


A Unique Q&A Experience

The HiNative app provides users with a unique and extremely helpful question and answer experience by giving them a platform in which they can pose culture and language-based questions. The answers all come from native speakers so you know you're getting the best information out there. This is something a regular dictionary or language book probably won't be able to give you and if it does it will require plenty of time looking for the answer on your part.

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Now, what's cool is that you're able to ask all these questions and get answers but you can also give back by providing answers yourself and acting as a native speaker for your language.

The app is free to use and requires the latest iOS updates. It currently has an almost perfect customer rating of 4.5 out of five stars and in its last update it added a new feature that allows you to get feedback regarding your pronunciation. This feedback is of course given by a native speaker.

A Unique Q&A Experience image

Getting to Know the Community

The HiNative app is made up of a community that believes in give and take by giving information and asking for information. It's a social experience that is filled with helpful information thanks to the fact it supports more than 120 languages.

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You can pose a question by using a picture, make use of the question formats provided by the app, ask for suggestions, and seek advice. The user interface has been set up to be quick and fast to navigate so you can quickly access the information you want.

The Audio Upload feature allows you to speak a phrase or word and then have a native speaker comment on the quality of your pronunciation. Because there are millions of users worldwide you can always find someone available to help you out with your question.

Getting to Know the Community image

HiNative - Language Learning


Pros and Cons


  • The app is quick to navigate
  • The app supports more than 120 different languages
  • You can record audio and then have a native speaker comment on your pronunciation
  • Ask a question with the question formats or with a photo
  • The user interface is slick and modern


  • It would be great to see the app expanded upon further with more tools and features

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The HiNative app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is education experience built around a social community of native speakers. This is a unique offering that is slick, modern, and extremely helpful.

HiNative - Language Learning

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