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Tip Bucket app review: keep track of all your daily tips



When working in the service industry, it is of great importance to keep track of your earnings and tips that you get from customers. Tip Bucket is a modern iTunes application developed by Brand ERP, LLC to help you keep track of your money on a daily basis. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices and the default language is English. 

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Tip Bucket


Manage your Tips More Conveniently

If you are not sure if the company pays you for all the hours you spend at the office, Tips Bucket can help you change this by giving you special features that will help track all your tips. First, it is good to appreciate the simple and very user-friendly interface that this app offers. For instance, the monthly totals are displayed in an organized and easy to understand format. In addition, the past months totals will also be showed to help you analyze your income and expenditure.

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To get the best results, you need to provide input the correct data. The developer has come up a smart feature that allows one to easily input the data and view various reports in minutes. The data is well organized to help you make informed decisions always. For instance, the yearly totals are displayed in a separate row from the weekly and monthly totals.

It is not possible to guess accurately the number of days that you work in a month. Hence, the app has a special feature “Pay Period Totals” that you can customize to suit your pay period. This will greatly help it to generate accurate reports. 

Best Features of Tip Bucket

Tip Bucket is unequal to no other financial related app in the market. One of the feature that give it a higher cutting edge is the default clock in and clock out times that records the total number of hours that you spend at your workplace.

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If you have multiple jobs, this app is an ideal choice for you as it can track your earnings from each occupation. This means that you do not have to purchase a different app or a new device. More importantly, the information is stored in a secure database for future reference. You can request for it any time of the day.

By downloading this app, you will be able to send some of the reports that you feel are classified to your personal email by just typing in your email address. To do this, your device has to be connected to a reliable internet connection.

Do not hesitate to contact the customer care team if you encounter any problems.

Tip Bucket


Pros and Cons


  • Automatically adds up all the tips to give you a monthly, weekly, or yearly report
  • Easy to use
  • Not heavily reliant on Internet
  • Backups all data
  • Support multiple jobs


  • It does not have the ability to calculate income tax

Final Thoughts

Tip Bucket is a reliable app that you can count on to help you manage your income. It is quite easy to use and no prior experience is required. 

Tip Bucket

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