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SchoolWay app review: keeping you connected with the school community



SchoolWay is a communication tool that connects parents, students, and school communities in real time. It offers greater convenience and safety for all stakeholders in the district. The app works like a community bulletin board that sends crucial information such as important school announcements, activity updates, teachers’ notes, athletic schedules, enrollment schedules, and other points of interests. It works across different platforms including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and web-based service for Macs and PCs.

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SchoolWay Delivers the Information You Want and Need

Getting critical information from the school district can be very difficult especially during emergencies when the systems are down and landlines may not be working. That’s why it is important to have a reliable system of communication that uses the latest mobile technologies in order to keep everyone in the loop at every crucial moment.

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This is where SchoolWay becomes extremely useful. SchoolWay is a secured mobile messaging system specifically designed to connect parents, students, and school institutions. It is an innovative app that takes advantage of mobile technology to keep parents informed and to ensure the safety of students.

School districts use SchoolWay to deliver one-way messages to parents including severe weather alerts, important school updates, emergency notifications, and other relevant information. Parents, on the other hand, can access important information from schools such as enrollment schedules, club activities, athletic updates, teachers’ notes, and many more.

In other words, SchoolWay keeps all stakeholders in the loop for everyone’s peace of mind. But before you download this app, make sure that your children’s school district is connected to the SchoolWay platform. Right now, the app is being used by more than 500 school districts in 39 states.

Features of SchoolWay

The one-way messaging alert system is one of the most useful features of SchoolWay. The app will send secure one-way messages to your device when there are important updates from the district. You cannot reply to the messages but you can contact school officials and teachers from within the app using the built-in school directory.

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This application allows you to customize the alerts and push notifications that you want to receive. You can easily activate alert categories that you think are most crucial and switch off other updates that are less important.

SchoolWay offers access to information that is relevant to your child’s education. It allows you to view the required book lists, the school calendar, and the canteen’s lunch menu. Updates about club sponsorships and athletic schedules are also available in the app.

And lastly, SchoolWay offers an easy to use interface with simple layout. The main navigation is at the top of the screen. Simply slide your finger across the navigation buttons to find any section of the app.



Pros and Cons


  • Free, easy to use, and with intuitive navigation
  • Offers timely updates and alerts
  • Customizable push notification system
  • Offers built-in school directory
  • Supports in-app outgoing calls and SMS
  • With multi-language support including English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Vietnamese, and French


  • No negative review

Final Thoughts

SchoolWay offers peace of mind for both parents and students. It delivers reliable alerts and updates during critical emergencies. This is a highly recommended application for everyone.



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