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Starfall Free app review: the best interactive learning platform for pre-school children 2021



Starfall Free is an interactive learning platform designed for children in pre-school. The free version this pre-school learning app offers introductory educational modules for users.

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There are enough activities and games in the app for pre-schoolers that teach children the basics of reading, counting, and phonics. Developed by Starfall Education, the pre-school app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Keep reading our app review for more details about this good pre-shool app for iPhone and iPad. 

Starfall FREE


Starfall Free Introduces Children to Interactive Education

Starfall is the award-winning website offering a full suite of interactive educational materials and fun games for children. It was developed to teach children the basics of reading and counting.

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The good news is that the website is transitioning towards the delivery of mobile educational content starting with Starfall Free app.

This version is part of the series of apps developed by Starfall Education. It serves as an introduction to the paid apps so that parents can try the new modules before they decide to buy the full suite.

Starfall Free offers enough activities and games to keep children entertained for hours. The app maintains the major categories of the Starfall website including ABC rhymes, counting numbers, math songs, addition and subtraction, letter identification, and many more.

All in all, the free version offers 12 categories that cover basic literacy and numeracy. Each category in Starfall Free offers two to three activities with interactive games. Your child can get at least 24 educational modules packed with interactive lessons for free.

To enjoy the full benefits of the Starfall website, you can buy the standalone paid apps of Starfall Education such as the Learn to Read module, Fun to Read, the Starfall ABC, and many more. You may also get a full subscription and become a member of Starfall to unlock all the core features of the app.

Starfall Free Introduces Children to Interactive Education image

Best Features of Starfall Free

Starfall Free offers a familiar interface with child-friendly layout and colorful elements. The app’s look and appeal are similar to the Starfall website. So if you are already familiar with the site, you will surely find the app easy to use.

The app offers free educational content to introduce children to the interactive educational platform of Starfall. It has 12 categories that cover basic reading and letter recognition to counting and math skills. There are two to three activities for each category and they are immediately available for users after installation.

Starfall Free offers responsive modules optimized for touch screen. Children can tap any word to hear its pronunciation. The app also reads words slowly and uses proper phonics to teach children basic word identification.

One of the best features of the app is the guided teaching method. It uses arrows to direct the attention of children to certain letters and words. Magic star effects are also used as hints for the correct answers.

Best Features of Starfall Free image

Starfall FREE


Pros and Cons


  • Impressive graphics and sound effects
  • Offers free educational modules
  • With guided learning activities
  • Simple layout with colorful elements
  • Fun and engaging narrator


  • This version offers limited modules
  • Needs in-app purchase to unlock the full content

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Starfall Free is one of the best educational apps for children. It offers free content that teaches children how to read, count and identify colors. This is a recommended app for pre-school children. 

Starfall FREE

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