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LikeThat Garden - Flower Identification app review: the best visual search tool for identifying flowers



LikeThat Garden is a free visual search tool designed to identify garden flowers. All you need to do is to take a picture of any flower and the app will identify it for you. This is a valuable app for gardeners, landscape professionals, botany students, and anyone who simply loves flowers. Developed by Superfish, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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LikeThat Garden – Flower Identification


Become a Flower Expert with LikeThat Garden

Are you a hobby gardener who loves to discover different types of flowers for your garden? Or maybe it is your job to identify exotic flowers so you can offer the best landscape design for your client. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to know the names of all flowers because there are at least tens of thousands of different flower species throughout the world.

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To make your job easier, you should download LikeThat Garden from the App Store. This application makes flower identification a snap, literally. That’s because the app allows you to take a snap shot of any kind of flower to identify it.

The app uses visual search technology to identify flowers. Just take a photo and the app will search for exact image match. The search result will also give you the flower’s common name, scientific name, and scientific classifications. With this app, you can become an instant expert who can identify even the most exotic varieties of flowers.

LikeThat Garden is easy to use. After you install the app in your device, you can immediately take snap shots of flowers to identify them. The app hosts thousands of flower species in its database including high-resolution images. 

Best Features of LikeThat Garden

LikeThat Garden uses sophisticated visual search engine to identify flowers. It comes with a built-in database of flower species including the most exotic varieties. The visual search tool integrates with your device camera to simultaneously capture image and perform exact image search.

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The app offers thousands of high resolution images. It identifies flowers based on common name, scientific name, and taxonomic classification. It also offers additional information about plant care with links to relevant online resources.

LikeThat Garden offers related images when the system cannot find an exact match for your search. It broadens your search and provides information about related flower species with similar characteristics.

And lastly, LikeThat Garden allows you to bookmark your favorite flowers. Your bookmarks are saved in the Favorites folder for easy access. The app also remembers your search history. Simply tap the history icon to view a list of previous search.

LikeThat Garden – Flower Identification


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with intuitive navigation
  • Integrates with the device camera for quick image search
  • Offers thousands of high resolution images of flowers
  • With complete flower information including common name and scientific name
  • Offers related image search
  • Links to more online resources


  • Needs to support more languages

Final Thoughts

LikeThat Garden is one of the best visual search tools in the App Store. It is a valuable tool for all garden enthusiasts and professional landscape artists. It can also be used by students of botany who need to identify different species of flowers. 


LikeThat Garden – Flower Identification

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