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Google Classroom app review: a powerful tool for delivering digital education 2021



Classroom is part of Google’s full suite of apps for education. It is bundled together with Gmail, Docs, and Drive. But Google Classroom app for iPhone can be used as a standalone teaching app for iPhone by teachers and students.

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This good app for classrooms offers powerful features including virtual assignment system, real time tracking, teacher-student feedback support, in-app grading system, and threaded discussion rooms. For more details, check out our Google Classroom app review below.

Google Classroom


Enhancing Online Instructions with Google Classroom

Classroom offers the familiar feel of Google+ social network including the circular profile picture, comment system, and sharing buttons. If you are familiar with Google’s web apps, you will instantly feel at home with Classroom.

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Before you can use the app, you need to create a Google for Education account. The app is free to download and it offers free tools so you can setup a virtual classroom in no time. You can start by inviting students to your Classroom or by sending them a unique sign-up code.

After completing the setup process, you can immediately upload educational materials to Google Drive and make them available in the Classroom.

The app supports different file formats including PDF, txt, Docs, Open Office, XLS, image files, and many more. With Drive integration, your uploaded materials can be automatically converted to Google Docs format for easy access.

The app allows you to organize course materials into separate folders. You can assign specific folders for each student to deliver custom lessons. You can also create special folders where you can upload assignments and projects.

Your students can answer assignments within the app. They can upload their own documents to your custom folders. This feature can be used for submitting assignments.

Google Classroom offers a full suite of productivity tools to track student performance. You can view student activities, submissions, and answers from the app interface. You can also grade students without leaving the app. 

Enhancing Online Instructions with Google Classroom image

Best Features of Google Classroom

Google Classroom offers a familiar interface with simple workflow. It is easy to use with intuitive control features. Setting up classrooms takes just a few minutes. You can add students from your Google directory or send them unique codes for sign-up.

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The app allows you to create unlimited number of folders. This is a very useful feature for organizing classrooms. You can assign a folder to individuals or groups or make it accessible for everybody.

Google Classroom is closely integrated with Drive. You can use Drive to deliver educational materials and to upload assignments. Students can also use Drive for submitting assignments and special projects.

One of the most powerful features of Google Classroom is the automatic tracking tool. The app allows you to view student performance in real time. You can track the submissions of students and view student-to-student interactions. 

Best Features of Google Classroom image

Google Classroom


Pros & Cons


  • Offers the familiar Google+ interface
  • Easy to setup and easy to use
  • Offers Google Drive integration
  • Allows you to create custom folders
  • With built-in tracking tools
  • Offers in-app grading system


  • No negative review

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Classroom is Google’s own learning management system. It is part of the full suite of free educational apps by Google. The app is easy to use and offers free features for both students and teachers. This is a recommended app for all teachers. 

Google Classroom

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