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Yousician Guitar app review: offering personalized guitar tutorials for beginners and professional players-2021



The Yousician Guitar app is an innovative application that will teach you how to play songs properly. This app for learning guitar listens as you play your guitar. It will then give feedback by showing any mistakes you made.

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The guitar app for beginngers can also be used by experienced musicians at it provides a personalized tutorial so you can master any song.  Yousician app is like having your own personal music teacher for the digital age, covering Guitar, Singing, Ukulele and Bass. Learn and play thousands of songs on your real instrument with clear, instant feedback. Check out our best guitar apps list for more great options.

Yousician - Your Music Teacher


Become a Guitar Virtuoso with Yousician Guitar

Learning how to play the guitar can be a big challenge especially if you don’t have a music tutor. Of course, you can teach yourself how to play but there are some techniques that only a guitar tutor can teach.

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The good news is that you can now have an app that will serve as your personal guitar tutor. With Yousician Guitar, learning how to play the right chords has become a lot easier.

Yousician Guitar is a free app so you can install it in your iOS device anytime you want. The app does not require any extra equipment. As long as you have a guitar, you can start using the app immediately.

There are several ways how this app can help you. If you are a complete beginner, you can load a song from the app. Yousician will show you the proper finger positioning including the right strumming or plucking methods.

The app allows you to customize the song’s playback option so you can easily follow the chords. You can set the playback to the slowest mode to learn finger positioning, chord shifting, and strumming.

If you already know how to play a guitar and you want to refine your skills, you can allow the app to listen to you. Yousician can capture audio and analyze your mistakes. It will then show you the proper way of playing the song.

Become a Guitar Virtuoso with Yousician Guitar  image

Best Features of Yousician Guitar

Yousician Guitar offers more than 1,500 songs for you. You can access and play these songs even if you are only using the free version of the app.  Sight reading sheet music, classical and pop songs for Piano, and for Guitar and ukulele you’ll learn chords, strumming, melodies, lead, fingerpicking and more in this great app for learning guitar. This guitar app for beginners also teaches you music theory and Includes special trainers for each skill & chord.

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You can subscribe to the premium version of the app to unlock unlimited play time and other advance features including the proprietary accelerated tutorials.

The app offers full customization features. You can change the tempo of the songs so you can easily follow the music. It also allows you to upload your own songs in the app’s database.

Yousician Guitar uses your device’s microphone to listen to your songs. The app uses intelligent algorithm to analyze the songs you played. It will then create a custom lesson that will teach you the proper way of playing.

This app offers beginner lessons and advance tutorials. Expert lessons include bending, screen slides, hammering, and guitar pull-offs. 

Best Features of Yousician Guitar  image

Yousician - Your Music Teacher


Pros and Cons


  • No setup required
  • Offers comprehensive song database
  • With beginner and expert lessons
  • Offers impressive graphical tutorials
  • With intelligent feature to analyze your songs
  • Offers full customization options
  • Works offline


  • Gets more expensive to access the full features
  • Needs to support more languages

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Yousician Guitar is a smart app that can serve as your personal guitar tutor. You can use its free features to master any type of song. This is a highly recommended app for all guitar players. 

Yousician - Your Music Teacher

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