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NoLocation app review: easily hide the location data in your pictures



Most of us take pictures with our smart phones every single day and we quickly share our favorite moments with our friends and family on our social media accounts. What most of us don’t know is that every time we do this we’re sending location data along with that picture, so that anyone that knows how can easily see where we are and where we’ve been by analyzing this data. If you value your privacy this is probably a bit disconcerting. The developers of the NoLocation app felt the same way so they developed an app to take this information out of your pictures. This app is available for purchase at a cost of $1.99 and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod touch.

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NoLocation - Remove exif data from photos


Picture Privacy

It’s certainly an eye opener when you find out how much information is stored in each and every picture you take and share with others. GPS is an invention that has changed our world but not all of these changes have been for the better. If you don’t want to include your location information with every single picture you share then you’ll definitely want to consider purchasing NoLocation.

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This app is actually very simple to use and the apps function is explained pretty well in the App Store description so it’s just too bad that they didn’t include instructions in the app itself. It`s a little inconvenient to have to refer back to the app store for instructions. The app will require 5.7 MB of free space on your device.

How it Works

The developers of NoLocation have decided to go with simplicity in their app and it works. Using this app to protect your privacy by removing the location information in your photos is a breeze. When you open the app the first thing you`ll notice is just how basic this app is. At the top left you`ll notice an options tab, but the only thing on this page is the developers Twitter address. Back on the main page there are only two options you can select: camera, and photo.

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If you want to remove the location information from an existing photo just select photos and if you want to take a new photo without location information tap on the camera icon. This second option is a great feature that will save you a little time by eliminating a step. All you have to do is use the app to take any photos if you don`t want your location information to be shared.

Once you've selected a photo or taken a new photo within the app you`ll see several sharing options such as Twitter and email; if you prefer you can simply save the image for later or you can even print it from within the app. The whole process only takes a couple of seconds.

NoLocation - Remove exif data from photos


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Simple features that work
  • Several different options for saving and sharing photos


  • You have to visit the App Store for app use instructions

Final Words

If you want to protect the privacy of your photos then NoLocation is a simple app that can help you with this. It's easy to use and the whole process only takes a couple of seconds. This one's definitely worth a look.


NoLocation - Remove exif data from photos

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