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Feeds for DubSmash Free Player app review: find the best of trending DubSmash hits for free



Feeds for DubSmash Free Player is an aggregator app that collects the best and the wackiest DubSmash videos. The app regularly updates its feed so you can always get the latest dubs from the Internet. It offers a built-in media player that can stream high quality videos. Developed by Rita Najm Khattar, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Feeds for DubSmash Acapella & Triller FREE Player


The Best of DubSmash at Your Fingertips

DubSmash is a phenomenal messaging app that allows you to dub your videos with pre-recorded audio clips. You can then share your dubs via Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and SMS. Some of the wackiest DubSmash videos have gone viral and triggered a new messaging trend.

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But how can you find the best DubSmash videos? Well, you can try browsing the public post archives of Facebook and Instagram to discover some of the videos. This may involve hours of fruitless browsing and endless frustration.

The easier and more convenient way is to download Feeds for DubSmash from the App Store. This is a free player that offers regularly updated feeds of the best and funniest DubSmash videos. You don’t have to look for hilarious dubs because the app will do that for you.

When you open Feeds for DubSmash, a video gallery will be displayed on the home screen. You can view this gallery in grid format or as inline display. You can browse the gallery by scrolling down the screen.

To play a DubSmash clip, simply tap a video thumbnail. This will open the free video player which allows you to watch clips without leaving the app. To view more videos, simply return to the home screen and browse the DubSmash collection.

Best Features of Feeds for DubSmash

Feeds for DubSmash offers thousands of free DubSmash videos aggregated from various internet services. It offers regularly updated content so you can view the best dubs anytime you want.

The app offers a built-in media player which can display high quality videos. The video player allows you to watch dubs from within the app. You can control the quality of the app’s video feeds by using its flagging tool. If you think that some videos have inappropriate content, then you can flag it for moderation.

Feeds for DubSmash makes it easy for you to find videos. The app’s user interface is simple with a good workflow. You can choose to display videos in a grid or inline format. The app allows you to quickly return to the home screen with a quick tap of the back button.

The free player integrates with the DubSmash video maker. It is now easier to create your own dubs that you can share with your friends.

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Feeds for DubSmash Acapella & Triller FREE Player


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with good workflow
  • Offers two home screen views: grid and inline
  • Offers the best of DubSmash videos
  • With free high-quality player
  • Allows you to create your own dubs


  • Pop-up ads; requires in-up purchase to remove ads

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Final Thoughts

The free Feeds for DubSmash app collects some of the best DubSmash videos on the internet. The app works like a video aggregator with regularly updated content. It is a good app for those who love DubSmash videos.

Feeds for DubSmash Acapella & Triller FREE Player

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