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MusicTube app review: bringing free music videos from YouTube to your iOS device



MusicTube is the mobile counterpart of YouTube video service. The app collects all searchable music videos and playlists from YouTube and streams them to your iOS device. It offers several exciting features including an intuitive search tool, random shuffle, looping playback, background play, and many more. Developed by App Channel Limited, MusicTube is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The best YouTube apps for iPhone and iPad-2021

Offering the Best YouTube Music Videos on the Go

If you are looking for a free music app that collects all the best music videos from YouTube, then MusicTube is your best option. This app is specifically designed to search for all music videos and playlists on YouTube so you can play them on your mobile device.

Best iphone and ipad apps

MusicTube is both a music player and a video player. When you load this app, it will open a familiar home screen that is similar to YouTube’s mobile layout. The music videos are arranged vertically with the trending and popular songs occupying the top sections. You can scroll down the screen to browse more videos.

The app allows you to search videos by keywords, titles, albums, artists, and playlists. You can also search songs by genre by tapping the Genre button located at the bottom menu bar. Some of the popular genres of the app include alternative music, classical, Christian, blues, country songs, and pop ballads.

Tapping the video thumbnail automatically loads the music player. The built-in music player allows you to pause, rewind, and forward any song. It also saves songs in your device’s cache to allow smooth playback. 

Best Features of MusicTube

MusicTube offers some of the best YouTube music videos and playlists. The app is a combo music and video player. It can search YouTube’s list of music videos so you can stream them to your device.

This app allows you to create a custom list of songs. Your playlists are saved in the device so you can load them anytime you want.

MusicTube offers a powerful media player with options for random shuffle and continuous loopback. The media player can work in the background to allow multitasking. MusicTube will continue to play its tunes even if you open other apps.

The app supports localization feature. It allows you to set your location so you can browse the best music videos from different territories. You can find the localization option from the app’s settings menu.

Pros and Cons


  • Offers the best music videos from YouTube
  • Familiar user interface
  • Simple workflow and easy navigation
  • Allows you to create custom playlists
  • Has an integrated media player
  • Allows shuffle, loopback, pause, forward, and rewind
  • Saves video cache for buffer-free playback


  • Requires stable and fast Internet connection for trouble-free music playback
  • Has ponsorship ads

Final Thoughts

MusicTube is one of the best music streaming apps in the App Store. It allows you to stream the best of YouTube’s music videos on your device. The app has several powerful features including an advanced media player, intuitive search tool, multitasking, and video cache. This is a recommended app for all music lovers.


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