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Daily Connect app review: the reliable and efficient child care support tool-2020



It is the role of every parent and guardian to take full care of children to promote their growth and development. However, it is not possible to spend hours of time with the child every day, especially if you have other obligations such as employment. Luckily, there are professional child care centers that specialize in providing daycare services. Daily Connect is an iOS application developed by Seacloud Software LLC to help child centers communicate effectively with parents. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices  and also has free access daily connect app multi platform web interface so parents or care centres don't necessarily need an iPhone at hand every single moment to view and enter information and use all the features provided by application we will have a look in this daily connect review.  See our apps for parents list

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Daily Connect (Child Care)


What to Expect From Daily Connect App

Daily Connect has revolutionized the manner in which personnel who work in child care centers communicate with parents. Each event that is saved on the app is immediately synchronized and sent to the parent or caregiver account, giving both access real time access to the information. For instance, you will be able to not only record feedings, diapers, pumping, and milestones but also the baby’s mood, and GPS location. You can attach pictures and even provide details of the game he or she is playing. This means that parents do not have to wait till evening to know what their child has been up to during the day.

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Parents can also enter information into infant daily report when the baby is at home. For instance, when the baby woke up in the morning before going to the day care. The day care staff will also have access to this preschool daily report information that will help them to build baby’s day planning more precisely and give what exactly “that game” child or parents are taking about.

Daily Connect app gives parents a peace of mind as they go on with their daily activities, as they will be able to get detailed information of their child from anywhere in the world. More importantly, it saves time and money that would have been spent making calls to the care center every now and then.

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Best Features

Daily Connect has redefined the manner in which child care centers record and monitor children. Most of the centers that have embraced this technology rarely use the conventional information daily sheet, as all information is stored in the app. One of the major benefits is that the app allows one to track an unlimited number of babies, caregivers, and parents. This means that one does not have to download a separate app for each child.

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When handling more than five children, it is very easy to forget to do some of the essential tasks such as feeding and changing diapers. To solve this problem, the developer has incorporated a special feature that allows you to set reminder alarms. For instance, you can set it to alert you after every three hours to change the diapers or feed the child.

All information is displayed on a graphical timeline view. In this timeline, you will see accurate graphical charts of all baby activities as well as growth charts with percentile comparison. 

Best Features    image

Daily Connect (Child Care)


Pros and Cons


  • There is no limit on number of children, caregivers, or parents that can be tracked in one app
  • Records and stores all information in secure database
  • Displays information in an easy to understand format


  • It is not possible to post videos

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Daily Connect is must-have app for parents and caregivers. It is reliable, efficient, and easy to use. 

Daily Connect (Child Care)

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