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Elmo Calls app review: an intuitive way of teaching children golden life skills



Our parents are the most important people in the world, as they taught us the basic life skills that we need to be successful. Unfortunately, at that time there were no smartphones or apps for that, they can to come up with some ingenious ways of teaching us how to do basic stuff like picking calls. Elmo Calls is an iOS application developed by Sesame Street to help guardians and parents teach children how to make and answer calls. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices and the default language is English.

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Elmo Calls


The Smart Way of Nurturing Great Skills

Elmo Calls is a new smart application that has almost broken the Internet as evident from the huge popularity and positive reviews that it has generated since its inception in the market. Basically, it is programmed to teach your kid how to receive and make calls.

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Ideally, the calls will be made or received by Elmo, a virtual character who resides inside the app. Your child will surely love his tone. To meet diverse children needs, Elmo is programmed to not only receive the calls but also play and laugh with your child at any time of the day.

One of the major highlights about this application is that you can receive realistic voicemails from Elmo as well as make live video calls. Your kid will surely love seen him or herself at one corner of the screen as he chats with Elmo. 

Best Features of Elmo Calls

Elmo is like no other iTunes app in the market. You will be forgiven for thinking that grownups have nothing to benefit from this app, as you can personally use it to schedule and activate calls for various situations such as waking up, preparing supper, or watching a particular TV show. There is no limit on the number of calls that you can schedule.

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One of the packages that you can purchase is Sunny Day Sampler. This one comes with 13 funny calls that will keep your child entertained for hours as you go on with your other daily activities. In addition, it will teach your child ABCs using a more engaging and easy-to-remember procedure. This means that children who get used to using the app will get to learn how to recite all the letters of the alphabet even before they join school.

Other special features that you will enjoy by purchasing this premium package is Happy Habits, Playdate with Elmo, Sing with Elmo, Laugh with Elmo and the list continues. Be sure to activate push notification to start enjoying your scheduled calls.

Elmo Calls


Pros and Cons


  • It not only teaches kid how to make calls but also their ABCs
  • Easy to use
  • Funny calls that will trigger your child to think and listen attentively


  • It is only available in English 

Final Thoughts

Elmo Calls is a smart app that will equip your child with basic skills that he or she needs to become a star in the future. 


Elmo Calls

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